50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With A: Your Ultimate Guide

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Hey there, mamas! Ready to embark on the enchanting voyage of naming your baby boy? Let’s delve into 50 Italian baby boy names starting with A, each echoing the warmth of our beloved Italian heritage. Let’s get started!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Picture your little one sharing a name with the likes of Alessandro Nivola, the versatile actor from “Face/Off”, or the legendary director Anthony Minghella of “The English Patient”. Even Al Pacino, the star of “The Godfather” series! Yes, ladies, these influential figures underscore the power and prestige of Italian baby boy names starting with ‘A’. Your child’s name could be the prologue to his unique life story.

Italian Baby Boy Names With A

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AlessandroAlexander, AlejandroDefender of Men
2. AntonioAntony, AnthonyPriceless, Inestimable
3. AngeloAngel, AngelinoAngel, Messenger
4. AdrianoAdrian, AdrienFrom Hadria
5. AlbertoAlbert, AlbericoNoble and bright
6. AldoAldus, AldousOld, Elder
7. AmedeoAmadeus, AmadiLove of God
8. AndreaAndrew, AndreasManly, Brave
9. ArturoArthur, ArturBear, Stone
10. AugustoAugust, AugustineVenerable, Holy
11. AlfonsoAlphonse, AlfieNoble and ready
12. AlbinoAlby, AlbinWhite, Fair
13. ArmandoArmand, HermanSoldier, Army Man
14. AnselmoAnsel, AnselmiGod’s Helmet
15. AmbrogioAmbrose, AmbrosiusImmortal One
16. AmanzioMansio, AmanzImmortal
17. ArduinoArdoino, ArduinHard Friend
18. AlfioAlfie, AlfWhite
19. AgostinoAugustine, AustinExalted, Majestic
20. AzeglioAzelioDweller
21. AttilioAttie, AtilioFather-like
22. AmilcareAmilkar, AmilkaFriend of Melqart
23. AnnibaleHannibal, AnibalGrace of Ba’al
24. AchilleAchilles, AquillesPain
25. AbeleAbel, AbellBreath, Son
26. AbelardoAbelard, AbellardBrave, Hard
27. AnacletoAnacletus, AncelotInvoked
28. ArioAary, AryLike an Eagle
29. AlighieroAligero, AligerWinger Army
30. AldobrandoAldobrand, AlebrandOld Firebrand
31. AmerigoAmericus, AmerikusHome Ruler
32. AnastasioAnastasius, AnastasiosResurrection
33. AzzoAtzo, AzzoneNoble At Birth
34. AscanioAscanius, AscaniosBright
35. AnielloAniel, AnielliGod’s Favor
36. AnselminoAnselme, AnzelmoHelm of God
37. AroldoHarold, HeroldArmy Ruler
38. ArrigoHarry, HarrieHome Ruler
39. AlcideAlcides, AlkidesStrong Willed
40. AmintoreAmintor, AmyntorDefender
41. AmadeoAmadeus, AmadieuLove of God
42. AnsaldoAnsel, AnsellWith Divine Protection
43. ArcibaldoArchibald, ArchiboldGenuine, Bold
44. AbelardoAbelard, AbellardResolute, Keeper of the abbey larder
45. AdalfredoAlfred, AlfredoElf Counsel
46. AmerinoAmery, AmeriHome Strength
47. AmabileAmabilis, AmabilLoveable
48. AronneAaron, AharonExalted, Strong
49. ArduoArduus, ArduinHardworking
50. AtanasioAthanasius, AthanaseImmortal

Wrap Up

Thanks so much for joining us on this fantastic journey through Italian baby boy names starting with ‘A’. We hope you found inspiration and perhaps the perfect name for your little one in our carefully curated list.

For more baby name ideas brimming with heritage and meaning, do explore more lists on our site. Remember, each name is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Happy naming!

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