Just Perfect: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With J

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s journey through an explorative quest of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with J. Each name, with its divine significance and profound meanings, is ready to bless your little girl’s life.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Beginning with J

Our list is adorned with names like Jennifer Aniston, the talented actress known for her role in the TV show Friends, and Julia Roberts, the legendary actress remembered for classics like “Pretty Woman”. Also, Joan Baez, the renowned singer, songwriter, and activist, carries one of these inspiring names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JaalaJaalah, JaallaAscending
JacintaJacinda, JacintaHyacinth
JadaJadah, JaidaWise
JadeJayde, JadynStone of side
JaelJale, JaelaMountain goat
JahelJael, JaelleMountain goat
JaidaJaidah, JaydaWise
JainaJayna, JainahGood character
JaleesaJaleesa, JalisaNoble, kind
JaminaJaminah, JameenaDove
JanaJanaa, JannahGod is gracious
JaniceJanis, JaniseGod is gracious
JannaJannah, JanahHeaven
JasmineJasmin, JasminaFragrant flower
JaylaJaylah, JaelaJay bird
JeanaJeanna, GeanaGod is gracious
JebaJebbah, JevaShe brings prayers
JeenaJena, JeanaLife; woman
JehoshebaJehoshba, JehoshibaOath of God
JemimaJemimah, JemmimaLittle dove
JenevaJeniva, JanivaJuniper berry
JenaraJenarah, JenarraJanuary
JenelleJanelle, JenelGod is gracious
JenesisGenesis, JenesysOrigin, birth
JennayaJenay, JenayaGod has answered
JennyJenni, JennieWhite wave
JeraldineJeraldin, JeraldynSpear ruler
JerushaJerushah, JerushiaPossession
JethraJethrah, JethreaExcellence
JettaJettah, JetaJet black
JewelJewelle, JuelPrecious gem
JillJil, JillianYouthful
JoanaJoanna, JovanaGod is gracious
JocastaJokasta, JocastahShining moon
JocelynJoselyn, JocelinLittle Goth
JohannaJohana, JuhanaGod is gracious
JoleneJoleen, JolinaGod will increase
JoninaJoninna, JonyinaDove
JordanaJourdana, JordannaFlowing down
JorjaGeorgia, JorjiaFarmer
JosianeJosianne, JosyanneGod will add
JoyJoye, JoiJoy, gladness
JoyceJoyse, JoysJoyous
JudithJudithe, JuditWoman of Judea
JuliaGiulia, JulieYouthful
JuniaJuniah, JuneaYouthful
JusticeJustis, JustysRighteousness
JyothiJyoti, JyothyLight
JyotsnaJyotsana, JyotsnahMoonlight

And there we have it, our joyful journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with J has come to a close. We hope this list has sparked your imagination and perhaps, unveiled the perfect name for your baby girl. Continue your naming quest by exploring more lists on our site. Happy naming!

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