Just for You: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With J

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s dive into an inspiring journey through 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with J. Each name, filled with profound meanings and spiritual resonance, is ready to bless your little one’s life journey.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Beginning with J

Some notable bearers of these names include people like Johnny Depp, the acclaimed actor known for his diverse roles in cinema, and Justin Timberlake, the talented singer, songwriter, and actor. Also, Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, carries one of these inspiring names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JabalJaball, JabahlStream
JabezJabezz, JabesPain or sorrow
JabinJabeen, JabynGod has built
JabneelJabneal, JabnielGod causes to build
JachinJachyn, JackinHe shall establish
JacobJakob, JaycobSupplanter
JadaJadda, JadahKnowing
JadonJaden, JadunThankful
JahleelJahleal, JahlielWaiting for God
JahzeelJahzeal, JahzielGod will divide
JairJaire, JairHe enlightens
JairusJairas, JairousHe enlightens
JakezJakeze, JakezzHe will compete
JalonJalonn, JalonHe will wait
JamesJamess, JamesonSupplanter
JaredJarred, JarridHe shall rule
JarekJarekk, JarekBorn in January
JaribJarrib, JareebHe will contend
JasenJasenn, JassanHealer
JasonJasun, JaisonHealer
JavanJavon, JavanHe will be liberal
JavierJaviar, JaveirBright, shining
JaxsonJaxon, JaxsenGod has been gracious
JaydenJaiden, JadonThankful
JeconiahJeckoniah, JecuniahGod will establish
JedJedd, JeddeFriend of God
JediahJeddiah, JediaKnown by the Lord
JepthahJeptha, JepthaahHe will open
JerahmeelJerahmele, JerahmeellGod’s compassion
JeremiahJeremia, JerimiahGod will uplift
JerichoJerico, JerychoCity of the moon
JeromeJerom, JerommeHoly name
JesseJessie, JesseyGift
JesusJesous, JesuGod is salvation
JethroJethroe, JethrowExcellence
JoabJooab, JoabbGod is my father
JoelJole, JoellGod is willing
JohnJon, JohneGod is gracious
JonahJona, JonnahDove
JonathanJonathon, JohnathanGod has given
JosephJosef, JosifHe will add
JoshuaJosh, JosueGod is salvation
JosiahJosias, JosyaGod has healed
JothamJothan, JothemGod is honest
JozadakJozadek, JozadackGod is just
JubalJuball, JuballeStream
JudahJuda, JudasPraise
JudeJud, JuddPraise
JuliusJulious, JulliusYouthful

And with that, we wrap up our enlightening journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with J. We hope this list has sparked your imagination, and perhaps, revealed your baby boy’s future name. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name lists on our site for further inspiration. Happy naming!

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