UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller Review

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When researching the best umbrella strollers, it was hard to ignore the frequent mentions of UPPAbaby lightweight stroller options: the Minu and the G-Luxe especially.  But what about the rest of the G-Series, namely the G-Lite stroller?

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Kid in UPPAbaby G-Lite together with family in a picture
Photo Credit: Kaylee C., IN

In my time spent in the wild of mommy-groups, co-ops, and Facebook stroller pages, I’ve seen much less mention of the G-Lite.  But is this ultra-lightweight, ultra-portable umbrella stroller being overlooked for being the hidden gem that it is?

Most readily compared to the G-Luxe, the G-Lite is 5 Lbs lighter!  It also has a more breathable seat than the G-Luxe and is about $50 cheaper.  We’ll get into how it compares to other lightweight UPPAbaby stroller options further into the review.

If you do happen to come across an owner of this luxury compact stroller, the reviews are nearly perfect!  Moms raved about how it collapses with just two fingers and can be taken anywhere!

This is a full-sized umbrella stroller yet weighs a mere 11.2 pounds.  The strong, aluminum oval tubing is sturdy with a well-designed balance so that even a purse can hang off the back without it tipping over despite the lightweight.  Features like the two-finger fold and carry strap make travel and errands extremely easy.  Many compare it with the Maclaren Volo in terms of size and weight.

kid riding UPPAbaby G-Lite while eating
Photo Credit: Kaylee C., IN

Whether you bring it with you on a plane or keep it in your trunk for daily errands, whenever space is limited, and you’re on the go, the UPPABaby G-Lite meets your demanding lifestyle.

Once you’ve finished this review, you’ll want to be one of the exclusive G-Lite club members, as well!  Let’s begin with all the fantastic features!

Table of Contents

UPPAbaby G-Lite Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with convenient carry strap
  • Tall ergonomic handles
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Extendable SPF 50 sun canopy with drop-down visor
  • Hand-level folding triggers
  • A 5-point harness with buckle cover
  • Included removable cup holder for parents
  • Removable seat pad with soft, washable Stain Defend fabric
  • Foot activated rear parking brakes
  • Storage basket beneath the seat with 10 lb carrying capacity
  • Elevated rear frame

Comparing the Lightweight UPPAbaby Strollers:

UPPAbaby offers several lightweight stroller options, including the G-Lite, G-Luxe, and Minu.

  • The G-Lite is suited from 6 months up to 55 Lbs, and The G-Luxe and Minu are suited from 3 months up to 55 lbs.
  • G-Lite weight = 11.2 Lbs; G-Luxe weight = 16.3 Lbs; Minu weight = 14.8 Lbs
  • The G-Luxe and Minu stand when folded, the G-Lite will not
  • G-Luxe and Minu wheels are about 1 inch larger than the G-Lite’s wheels
  • All 3 have all-wheel suspension
  • Both G-Series have a storage basket with a 10 Lb carrying capacity, and the Minu’s is 20 Lbs.
  • All three have UPF 50+ sunshade included
  • Both G-Series have cupholder included
  • Only the Minu, and neither G-Series, has infant insert capabilities.

UPPAbaby G-Lite

The G-LITE by UPPAbaby is so lightweight and portable that it will surely become your favorite ‘get around town' accessory. Juggling kids, the groceries and your car keys. You can pick up the G-LITE with one hand using its convenient carry strap.

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How is the performance?

The UPPAbaby G-Lite has lockable front swivel wheels, which add more stability.  The four 4.8 inch wheels are an inch smaller than the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, but they both sport an all-wheel shock-absorbing suspension.  Allowing for more ease of maneuvering and pushing, and let me tell you, the G-Lite is a pretty smooth ride!

Brakes positioned over each rear wheel and easy to push down to engage, and parents have said that keeping a brisk city pace is no problem with the G-Lite, thanks to the elevated rear frame.

UPPAbaby G-Lite is one of the lightest compact umbrella strollers available.  It weighs almost 11.2 pounds, yet it is very sturdy because it is made of a strong yet nearly weightless aluminum stroller frame.

UPPAbaby G-Lite wheels

Tell me about the fold.

This umbrella stroller folds by using a one-hand trigger near the handles.  This is convenient, especially when traveling by public transportation or juggling your kiddo and their accessories.  You’ll appreciate the convenient shoulder strap, too.  Just fold and carry it with you easily.

When folded, the G-Lite is barely over a foot long, making it ideal for storage in the trunk of your car, a small closet, or next to you in a crowded restaurant.  The only downside to the folded G-Lite is that, unlike the G-Luxe or Minu, it does not have the kickstand to allow for a standing fold.

mom carrying her baby and UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller

What can I expect with the seat?

I love the seat on the UPPAbaby G-Lite The hammock-style seat has a mesh back, which allows for more seat breathability in the stroller, helping your child stay cooler on hot days.  It also has a zipper-adjusted recline ability.  It doesn’t offer the multi-position recline that the G-Luxe provides, but for most older kids, that isn’t necessary, especially on shorter trips or quick errands.

Because the seat does not recline more, this stroller is only intended for Baby from 6 months on.

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller

Any parent worth their salt knows that spills and messes are inevitable with little ones around.  The fabric on the G-Lite has StainDefend, and most spots can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.  The seat pad is also removable and machine washable.  Hallelujah for a washable seat pad!

And as your child grows, the harness is easy enough to adjust to fit your child correctly.  The buckle is great because it is not too difficult for adults but too complicated for the wee ones exploring fingers.  You have to press the buckle’s center while pulling out the strap clips.  Not today, Houdini!

kid in UPPAbaby G-Lite
Photo Credit: Kaylee C., IN

How about the sun canopy?

I love the sun canopy on the entire UPPAbaby line, including the G-Lite, because it is easy to open, extends really far down, and has SPF 50+ protection.  The removable canopy is easily cleaned, as well, so when paired with the washable seat pad, your stroller will stay looking clean and new for much longer!

In addition, it can “float” to follow the sun, meaning you can push the rear part of the canopy forward to block the sun at any angle.  Happy moms have said that the G-Lite has a massive canopy for an umbrella stroller and is one of the main reasons they purchased this model over a different brand.

UPPAbaby G-Lite

UPPAbaby G-Lite Product Dimensions:

Folded: 12.5″ L x 10.7″ W x 42″ H

Unfolded: 31.3″ L x 18.3″ W x 42.4″ H

Handle height: 41½”

Seat width: 12″

Seat back: 21″

Wheels: 4.8″

Stroller weight: 11.2 lbs

What’s in it for Parents?

The stroller has ergonomic handles that are high enough for taller parents to use.  An elevated rear frame prevents you from kicking the back when you take longer strides, as well.  I love little details like that, making for a better overall experience.

The G-Lite does not have a huge storage basket, but many parents don’t mind in an umbrella stroller.  The basket will fit essential baby gear such as your medium size diaper bag and some small toys and has a 10-pound carrying capacity, which is usually sufficient.

A removable cup holder attachment is also included and can be placed on the left or right side of the frame.  For me, a parent cup holder for my water bottle is a must-have feature that most other umbrella stroller brands don’t include.

There is also a parent organizer that you can purchase additionally.

back of UPPAbaby G-Lite

Take it Traveling

Are you planning a trip or flight soon?  When you purchase the UPPAbaby travel bag, it helps with carrying and keeps it from being damaged during transit.  With the bag, bringing the stroller along and having it gate-checked passes without any problems; a perk featured in the G-Luxe model.

If you are debating between the G-Luxe model with the G-Lite model, this video compares the two:

What others are saying:

“There was no back support and I didn’t like it for this reason.”

–Melissa W.

Across the board, the G-Lite earned a little more than 4.5 stars.  The G-Lite is highly rated for its lightweight, high-quality materials, breathable mesh seat, and sturdy build.  However, when compared side-by-side to the G-Luxe, Minu, or other brands like Bugaboo, it seems to universally lose points on maneuverability (compared to the others mentioned here).  Also, the storage basket is not as big or as easy to access as the others, and the lack of back support in the seat detracts some points, as well.

“I like it, but my kid looks uncomfortable in it.”

–Ann M., Ohio

Most reviews mention the easy fold and opening – the hand-lever trigger fold is quite popular.

One mom commented that she likes that she can fold this product without shoes because she finds Maclaren strollers hard to fold when barefoot.

“I had [the G-Lite] a few years ago, didn’t like it…no back support or recline, storage basket was hard to get things in and out of, didn’t fold very compact, and you need two hands free to push… Minu and Yo-Yo are so much better strollers in my opinion”

–Naomi B., Los Angeles, CA

While this stroller is an excellent choice for tall parents, those of you who are on the shorter side will still find it a comfort to push.

Matt from Chambersburg, PA, is 6’3″ and likes the tall handles, and a 5’1″ mom was equally pleased with the pushing height; however, she wished the handle height was adjustable.

The sunshade is a massive hit with users!  A mother from Maryland commented recently that the canopy is her favorite feature and was the one thing that sold her on the G-Lite.

“Honestly, it was a really nice little stroller. I used it a lot more than I ever used my [UPPAbaby] Vista.”

–Kaylee C., IN


There aren’t a ton of negative reviews of the G-Lite.  However, a few things mentioned consistently were the poor maneuverability on rougher terrain (this is definitely a city stroller!) and the fact that it doesn’t recline further.

One review stated that the lack of seat recline wasn’t great when your little one does off while you’re out and about.  However, this is an umbrella stroller, so that feature isn’t typical among them, to begin with.

Overall, it seems that it isn’t anything negative about the G-Lite itself that makes it less popular than other options…it’s simply that the alternatives are better or have more features that parents are looking for.  It is, however, in many more parent’s price range some of the larger stroller options.

With that being said, for a trip to Disney, alas common, easily identifiable stroller could be a huge plus in the middle of that easily jumbled stroller coral!

UPPAbaby G-Lite

The G-LITE by UPPAbaby is so lightweight and portable that it will surely become your favorite ‘get around town' accessory. Juggling kids, the groceries and your car keys. You can pick up the G-LITE with one hand using its convenient carry strap.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

Where can I buy the UPPAbaby G-Lite?

Most online retailers charge the same price, but since the price on Amazon can fluctuate, you should always check Amazon first to see if the color you want is a good deal.

Next, I’d suggest Albee Baby or Pish Posh Baby because of their reliability of having your product in stock for a fair price and ready to ship.  And these retailers are excellent alternative online shopping destinations with great reputations.

Now imagine pushing your new UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller around your neighborhood.  Your child will love sitting in that comfy, airy seat, and you’ll enjoy pushing this well-made, attractive stroller knowing you didn’t break the bank!

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller Review: The Ultra-Portable Design
UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller Review 1

Read our full UPPAbaby G-lite stroller review to see if this is lightweight stroller is as strong and safe as it says to be!

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