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When professional consumer guides highly recommend a product, I sit up and take notice, don’t you? As I researched the UPPAbaby G-Lite, I was surprised and pleased to see how many publications and parenting websites rave about this featherlight stroller.

Parenting magazine calls the G-Lite one of the best strollers and moms rave how it collapses with two fingers and can be taken anywhere.

2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller- Denny (Red/Silver)
  • NEW! 2018 model G-LITE Stroller
  • Mesh sling seat for breathability and comfort without adding weight
  • Zipper recline ; High-performance, 4.7” diameter wheels

The G-Lite is a Consumer Reports Best Buy with the highest ratings in the umbrella stroller category ( more details further in the review).

This is a full-sized umbrella stroller, yet weighs a mere 8.3 pounds. The strong, aluminum oval tubing is sturdy with well-designed balance, so that even a purse can hang off the back without it tipping over despite the light weight. Features like the two finger standing fold and carry strap make travel and errands extremely easy. Many compare it with the Maclaren Volo in terms of size and weight.

Whether you bring it with you on a plane or keep it in your trunk for daily errands, whenever space is limited and you’re on the go, the UPPABaby G-Lite meets your demanding lifestyle.

By the time you finish this review, you’ll want one for yourself! Let’s begin with all the fantastic features.

UPPAbaby G-Lite Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with carrying strap
  • Standing fold
  • Tall ergonomic handles
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Extendable SPF 50 sun canopy with drop-down visor
  • Hand-level folding triggers
  • 5-point safety harness with buckle cover
  • Removable cup holder for parent
  • Removable seat pad with Stain Defend washable soft fabric
  • Rear parking brakes
  • Storage basket beneath seat
  • Elevated rear frame
2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller- Denny (Red/Silver)

Lightweight, yet sturdy.

UPPAbaby G-Lite is one of the lightest umbrella strollers available. It weighs almost 11 pounds and yet it is very sturdy because the frame is made of strong yet lightweight aluminum oval tubing.

This stroller is meant for babies from 6 months of age because the seat does not recline, up to 55 pounds of weight. Even so, buyers say that this stroller can hold up over the years. If you scrub the attached with damp cloth pieces and tosses the removable pad into the wash and they look like new!

What is the performance like?

The UPPAbaby G-Lite has lockable front swivel wheels which add more stability. The four 4½-inch wheels are an inch smaller than the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, but like the G-Luxe it has all-wheel shock absorbing suspension. This allows ease of maneuvering and pushing, and let me tell you the G-Lite is smooth as butter when I tested it!

Brakes are individually placed over each rear wheel and easy to push down to engage, and parents have said that keeping a brisk city pace is no problem with the G-Lite.

Tell me about the fold.

Another excellent feature of the G-Lite is that it stands when folded because it has a little stand next to the wheels. Take a close look at the photo of the folded G-Lite to see what I mean. If you have a small living space, this feature is essential.

This umbrella stroller folds by using a one-hand trigger, and this is convenient especially when traveling by public transportation. You’ll appreciate the shoulder strap, too, just fold and take it with you.

What can I expect with the seat?

I love the seat on the UPPAbaby G-Lite. First, it is 13-inches wide, which will fit bigger kids comfortably, and secondly, the colorful pad is very soft and cushy. It really does feel plush and soft for your child’s comfort.

I like how the fabric has StainDefend, to keep your G-Lite looking like new despite the inevitable messes, and that you can simply remove the seat pad and put it in the washing machine.

The G-Lite does not have a reclining seat, so your baby must be a minimum of six months old to ride. And as your child grows, the harness is easy to adjust to fit your child properly. The buckle is great because it is not too difficult for adults, but too complicated for the wee ones. You have to press the buckle’s center while pulling out the strap clips.

How about the sun canopy?

I love the sun canopy on the G-Lite because it is easy to open and is removable. It’s an extended SPF 50 sun canopy with a silver visor, which not only reflects the sun effectively, but looks really cool.

In addition it can “float” to follow the sun, meaning you can push the rear part of the canopy forward to block any angle of the sun. Happy moms have said that the G-Lite has a massive canopy for an umbrella stroller, and is one of the main reasons they purchased this model over a different brand.

Parent amenities

UPPAbaby G-LiteMeasurements:

Folded: 41½”L x 16″D x 11½”WWidth: 19½”Open length: 31″Handle height: 41½”Seat width: 12″Seat back: 21″Seat back to canopy: 27″Seat depth: 9½”Wheels: 4½”Stroller weight: 11 lbs.

The stroller has ergonomic handles that come up high enough to be comfortable for taller parents to use. An elevated rear frame prevents you from kicking the back when you take longer strides. I love little details like that which make for a better overall experience.

The G-Lite does not have a huge storage basket, but many parents don’t mind. The easy access basket will fit important baby necessities such as your diaper bag and some small toys, which is sufficient. It also has a rear mesh pocket for more storage space.

removable cup holder attachment can be placed on the left or right side of the G-Lite. For me, a parent cup holder is a must-have feature, something unique as most other umbrella stroller brands don’t offer one.

Take it traveling

Taking an airplane somewhere? When you purchase the G-Lite storage bag, it helps with carrying and keeping it from damage during transit. With the bag, bringing the stroller along and have it gate-checked without any problem.

Here is an informative video review of the latest version of the UPPAbaby G-Lite:

If you are debating between the G-Luxe with the G-Lite, this video compares the two:

What others are saying:

Consumer Reports has lots of good things to say about the UPPAbaby G-Lite. In the most recent online update, the G-Lite got the highest rankings in the umbrella category. The G-Lite earned very good marks for ease of use and safety and an excellent mark for maneuverability.

Parents recommend the G-Lite and give it pretty high rating across several web retailers for overall ease of use and light weight. It’s the best umbrella stroller to have for running errands and for public transportation in the city.

Most reviews mention the easy fold and opening – the hand-lever trigger fold is quite popular.

One mom commented that she likes the fact that she can fold this product without shoes, because she finds Maclaren strollers hard to fold unless she wears them.

While this stroller is an excellent choice for tall parents, those of you who are on the shorter side will still find it a comfort to push.

Matt from Chambersburg, PA is 6’3″ and likes the tall handles.

The sunshade is also a huge hit with consumers. A mother from Maryland commented recently that the canopy is her favorite feature and was the one thing that swayed her over to the UPPAbaby side when she was also considering Maclaren. She loves the tilting canopy and the large pop-out visor that you won’t find on most lightweight umbrella strollers.


Not many complaints about the latest model, showcased in this review. The only issue that has been repeated in a couple of reviews is about the wheels. A few parents wish that the wheels were made of rubber instead of plastic and feel that they could be better made considering the price.

Where can I buy the UPPAbaby G-Lite?

2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller- Denny (Red/Silver)
  • NEW! 2018 model G-LITE Stroller
  • Mesh sling seat for breathability and comfort without adding weight
  • Zipper recline ; High-performance, 4.7” diameter wheels

Most online retailers charge the same price, but since the price on Amazon can fluctuate, you should always check Amazon first to see if the color you want is a good deal.

Next I suggest Magic Beans or Pish Posh Baby,  because of their reliability of having your product in stock for a fair price and ready to ship. And these retailers are excellent alternative online shopping destinations with great reputations.

Now just imagine pushing your new UPPAbaby G-Lite around your neighborhood. Your child will love sitting in that cushy seat and you’ll enjoy pushing this well-made, attractive stroller.

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