Experience the Magic: 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with T

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Hello there, Mama-to-be! Finding the perfect name for your baby girl is an exciting journey and it’s just about to get more enchanting. Dive into the charm of Celtic tradition with our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with T and let the magic inspire you.

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Tyra Banks, the American supermodel and actress, is a fantastic example of a T-starting name bearer. Then there’s Tara Reid, another American actress, who brings charm to her Celtic name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TeganTeghan, TeeganBeautiful, Fair
TiarnanTiernan, TierninNoble
TrionaTrina, TrionaghPure
TaraTarah, TairaHill; Star
TeaganTegan, TeeganBeautiful, Fair
TressaTresa, TressStrength
TaflineTaflin, TaflynGod’s instigator
TanwenTanwyn, TanwennWhite fire
TânwenTânwyn, TânwennWhite fire
TegwenTegwyn, TegwennBeautiful, Blessed
TrinetteTrinnete, TrinnetteInnocent
TreasaThreasa, TreesaStrength
TrionaTreena, TrionaghPure
TeganTeegan, TeghanLittle poet
TeleriTelerie, TeleriaRiver name in Cymru (Wales)
TrevaTrevah, TervaPrudent
TrystaTrista, TrystSorrowful
TressaTreasa, TressStrength
TrudyTrudie, TrudeUniversal strength
ToffeeToffey, ToffieSweet
TamaraTamera, TamiraPalm tree
TruvaTruvah, TruviaWise
TavaneTavanie, TavaneHillside
TarynTaren, TarrinRocky hill
TawneeTawny, TawnieA green field
TabbyTabbie, TabiGazelle
TrawnaTrona, TruanaLittle wave
TraciTracee, TraceyWarlike
TrudyTrudie, TrudeSpear of strength
TiernenTiernan, TierneeLord
TershaTershah, TerchaSummer
TierneyTierny, TiernieLord
TeganTeagan, TeghanPoet
TarrahTareah, TariahHill, Star
TamrinTamryn, TamrinnePalm tree
TreasaghTresa, TressaStrength
TrevinaTruvina, TrevinahPrudent
TrilbyTrilbee, TrilbiSings with trills
TansyTansie, TansiImmortality
TulliaTully, TulliahPeaceful
TressachTressa, TressStrength
TrionaTrionagh, TrinaPure
TamrynTamrin, TamrunPalm tree
TeganTeagan, TeghanPoet
TierannTierran, TiernanLord
TressinaTressinah, TressineStrength
TeirneyTierney, TirenyLord
TanisTanys, TannisImmortality
TresaTheresa, TeresaStrength
TamzenTamzin, TamzynTwin
TrystineTrystin, TrystanSorrowful

Thanks for going on this enchanting journey through our list of 50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with T! We hope you found some gems that sparkle just for you and your baby girl. Be sure to discover more baby name ideas on our site because truly, every name carries a story waiting to be told. Here’s to the wonderful story your daughter will tell. Happy naming!

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