50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with E to Embrace your Heritage

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Hello gorgeous mamas-to-be! As we all know, naming our little one is one of the first and most precious gifts we give them. Each name comes with its own unique story and today, we’ll dive into the melodious and rich world of Celtic baby boy names that start with ‘E’. Get ready for a blend of history, tradition, and charm!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with E

Many successful and influential people have had Celtic names beginning with ‘E’. Notably, Eamon De Valera, a prominent political leader in 20th century Ireland, who left a lasting legacy. There’s also the talented Ewan McGregor, a Scottish actor renowned for his roles in popular films like “Moulin Rouge!” and “Trainspotting”. Such names carry a strong cultural significance and a dash of stardom, offering a unique identity for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EallairEllar, EalarFreedom
EamesAmesWealthy Guardian
EarlEarleNobleman, Warrior
EarricEric, AaricRuler
EbanEbenStone, Rock
EdanAidanLittle Fiery One
EddardEdwardRich Guard
EdernEdernnLegendary Bird
EedricEdricRich and Powerful
EemundEdmundWealthy Protector
EfanEvanYoung Warrior
EganAeganLittle Fire
EigyrEgyrA Mother
EimhinEvin, EvynSwift
EinarEnarOne who Fights Alone
EionIanGod is Gracious
EithneEthneKernel, Grain
EkinEkenThe Horizon
ElathaEladaArt or Craft
ElathanEladanWise, Elder
EldredEldridOld, Wise Adviser
ElginElgineNoble, White
EliasElyasThe Lord is my God
ElierIlar, EllarCheerful, Happy
ElironEleronMy God is the Lord
ElphinElfin, AlpinWhite, Fair
ElricAlricRuler, King
ElsdonElsdunFrom the Noble’s Hill
EltonEldonElla’s Town
EmeryEmoryHome Power
EnnisEnys, EnnysIsland
EoghanEuan, OwenBorn of the Yew Tree, Youth
EoinEwan, OwenGod is Gracious
ErnanEarnanLittle Earnest One
ErskineEskineUpon the Knife, Edge of a Knife
ErvinErvineFriend of the Sea
ErynErinFrom Ireland
EsmondEsmondeGrace, Favor
EstlinEstlynFrom the Eastern Town
EtanEthanSolid, Enduring
EunanEwanFearless Leader
EvinEwan, EvanYoung Warrior
EwanEwen, OwenBorn of the Yew Tree, Well Born
EyvindEvindGift, Good Luck

Thanks for journeying with us through this compelling list of 50 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting with E. Each name is like a piece of art, rich with history, meaning, and a unique personality. We hope you found some inspiring options for your little bundle of joy. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site, and let the magic of finding the perfect name continue!

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