Baby Jogger vs Nuna: High-End Everyday Strollers

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Baby Jogger and Nuna are both well-liked stroller manufacturers with a justified reputation for designing and producing top quality products that offer great value for money. That said, both these companies produce high-end products that come with a hefty price tag, so it’s vital that you make the right choice.

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To make sure you’re well-informed, we’ve put together this guide, allowing you to easily compare and contrast two of the brands’ most popular strollers, the Baby Jogger City Select and the Nuna Mixx2.

So, who are Baby Jogger and Nuna?

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Baby Jogger: No Limits. No Boundaries

Baby Jogger has been around since 1984 when they launched the world’s first stroller that was created specifically for use when jogging or running.

The Baby Jogger range is designed to meet the demands of families who enjoy an active lifestyle and need a stroller that will be suitable for walking around town or running off-piste on family adventures.

Nuna: Simple. Practical. Stylish. User-friendly

Nuna is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam.

Nuna makes practical, simple products that are easy to use and look great too. As well as strollers, the manufacturer’s range includes car seats, cribs, bassinets, and complete travel systems.

Baby Jogger City Select vs. Nuna Mixx2

The Baby Jogger City Select is an award-winning luxury stroller that has gained popularity with families because you can transform it from a single stroller into a double by adding a bassinet, car seat adapter, or extra seat. That provides you with no fewer than 16 different seating arrangement combinations!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx
  • The Stroller: Our most versatile yet, the City Select grows with your family and could be the only convertible stroller you'll ever need
  • The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step
  • Configurations: Our luxury strollers allow you to create a custom system. City Select can become a double stroller with 16 unique combinations using second seats, bassinets and car seat...

To see a video of the City Select, click below.

The Nuna Mixx2 is the updated version of the Nuna Mixx. The Mixx2 is a versatile, stylish stroller that’s perfect for trips to the mall or playground. However, unlike the City Select, the Mixx2 only takes one child. That’s fine if your family is complete, but it would mean buying a second stroller if you have another child in a few years. It’s not yet available on Amazon, but you can purchase it from the Nuna website here.

You can see a video of the Nuna Mixx2 below.

Baby Jogger City Select vs. Nuna Mixx2: Features that matter

In this part of our guide, we take a closer look at the City Select and the Mixx2 and focus on the features that are considered to be a priority by parents looking to buy a new stroller.


The City Select has a large, three-section canopy that features a generous peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures, rather than noisy Velcro.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx

In the war of the canopies, the Mixx2 comes out about even with the City Select with an extendable canopy made from UPF 50+ fabric. The Mixx2 also has a sun visor that can be used to extend the canopy so that it provides your child with total coverage. Two mesh windows on either side of the canopy give valuable extra ventilation on hot days. Like the City Select, the Mixx2 has a peek-a-boo window with silent, magnetic closures.

nuna mixx2 canopy

When the weather is inclement, you can use the rain cover that’s included with the Mixx2 to keep your child dry. There is a rain cover available for the City Select, but you have to buy it separately.


The City Select boasts an adjustable handlebar that measures 41.5 inches from the ground when fully extended. That’s an important consideration if you or your partner are tall.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx

The Mixx2 also has a telescopic, adjustable handlebar that offers three height positions versus the City Select’s two. The handlebar is upholstered with soft, leather-look fabric too, promising you a comfortable push no matter how tall you are.


Both the Mixx2 and the City Select are easy to maneuver and push with one hand, and both have a tight turning radius. That’s an advantageous feature that you’ll appreciate when you’re negotiating the stroller around tight store aisles or through a crowded coffee shop.

Both strollers are designed to handle rough surfaces, including grass, cracked paving, gravel, and cobblestones thanks to their high-tech suspension systems and lightweight, foam-filled wheels.


The seat on the City Select is deceptively large, measuring 12 inches wide and 21 inches high from the seat back to the top of the canopy. Also, if you have a tall child, you can adjust the canopy by sliding it up the stroller frame to gain another three inches. Both the City Select and the Mixx2 have a standard five-point seat harness.

The City Select’s seat has a one-lever recline, but you can’t adjust it to a completely flat position thanks to the one-piece seat construction. So, if you want to use the stroller for a newborn or very young infant, you’ll need to buy a bassinet or car seat adapter. However, you can reverse the seat to face you or the world, and it has a capacity of up to 45 pounds, which is fine if you have a toddler or older infant who can hold their head up unaided.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx

And there’s the option to buy a second seat to accommodate a growing family if you need to. Altogether the City Select offers 16 different seat configurations to suit your children’s needs. Also, you can buy second seat adapters separately when child number two comes along.

The City Select seat fabric can be removed and machine-washed in cold water then air-dried. Unfortunately, the material used to cover the seat is slightly rough and not very plushy.

You can use the Mixx2 from birth right through to a toddler weighing 50 pounds. Seating options include a bassinet, reversible seat, and a travel system. The seat has a five-point recline feature that the City Select doesn’t offer. Note that if you want to use the Mixx2 for a newborn, you’ll need to buy an additional infant insert. Once the seat is fully reclined, lift the calf rest and clip it to the stroller’s frame, creating a comfy, secure nest for your sleeping infant.

Like the City Select, the Mixx2 has a reversible seat that’s operated by a quick and simple button push. Here’s a look:

nuna mixx2 seat

Compared with the City Select, the Mixx2 seat has much nicer fabric that’s plush and soft. The material is made from a cotton blend, making it exceptionally breathable, which is perfect if you live in a region where you have hot or humid summers. You can remove the seat cover when necessary and wash it in your machine on a cool setting.

The Mixxx2 has a useful feature that’s lacking in the City Select in a removable arm bar that’s covered with leatherette fabric to match the handlebar. Toddlers love to grab onto the armbar while riding, and the addition complements the security and safety of the seat.


With the comfort of infants and babies in mind, the City Select has an adjustable, four-position footrest.

The Nuna Mixx2 also has an adjustable footrest and calf support too.

Nuna Mixx2 footrest


The City Select has a medium size storage pocket on the back of the seat that’s ideal for holding small essentials such as your phone, wallet, and keys. Unfortunately, there’s no cup holder or parent console included, which is disappointing given the price of the stroller. However, the easily accessible, massive storage basket makes up for this. Also, there are two zippers on either side of the back of the basket that allow you to expand its capacity even more.

The Nuna Mixx2 also has a huge storage basket that’s easy to access from all angles. The basket features an additional integral pouch with a zippered fastening that’s perfect for holding small items such as keys, a cell phone, and your wallet. A nifty design feature is a divider that allows you to divide your things into two separate pouches, so you won’t have to rummage around for the one item you need in a hurry. You’ll also appreciate the bonus storage pouch on the seat back.

Another thoughtful touch on the Mixx2 are the silent, magnetic closures on all the storage areas, meaning that you won’t wake a sleeping child with noisy Velcro when reaching for your phone or wallet.


The City Select is a four-wheeler with eight-inch wheels in the front and 12-inch wheels at the back. The tires have a lightweight foam filling, rather than air, so you’ll never get a flat. The front wheels are swivel, but you can lock them straight for easier steering over uneven ground.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx

The Mixx2 is also a four-wheeler and has foam-filled wheels. Black chrome and white accented wheels with a dark matte frame give the stroller a chic, stylish look.

Parking brake

The City Select’s parking brake is set on the side of the handlebar, so you won’t scratch your shoes when applying and releasing the brake.

In contrast, the Mixx2 has a more traditional, single-action brake that locks the rear wheels of the stroller. The flip-flop-friendly brake pedal is foot-operated and sits in the center of the stroller’s back axle. Intuitive color indicators show you when the brake is engaged or released.

The fold

The City Select has Baby Jogger’s signature easy fold, although you do need two hands to accomplish it. Once folded, the stroller won’t stand on its own and doesn’t have an automatic lock, which is somewhat disappointing. To make the fold more compact, you’d need to remove the molded seat. With the seat on, the stroller measures 42 inches L x 26 inches W x 12.5 inches H when folded. Without the seat, the dimensions are 33 inches L x 26 inches W x 12.5 inches H, so it is slightly smaller and takes up a little less space in your car trunk.

The Nuna Mixx2 has a two-handed fold that’s quick and simple to operate. You can fold the stroller with the seat (or both seats) attached. However, if you want to create more space in your car trunk, you do have the option to remove the seat(s) first. When folded, the Mixx2 measures 23.6″ W x 16″ H x 35.8″ inches L.

nuna mixx2 fold


The City Select is a bulky stroller, period. With one seat, the stroller weighs a hefty 28 pounds. With a second seat, the stroller’s weight jumps to 34 pounds. Add to this some shopping, diaper bags, and essentials, and new moms could find manhandling this stroller plus a child up or down a flight of steps extremely challenging.

The Nuna Mixx2 is a shade heavier than the City Select, weighing 26.8 pounds with the seat attached.


The City Select comes in a pleasing array of colors on a silver frame, including black, red, beige, and purple. You can also choose black or silver with a black frame.

The Nuna Mixx2 has four colorways to choose from, including black, indigo, red, and suited. You can pick the last two colors as options for a matching bassinet.

Travel system

You can convert the Mixx2 into a travel system thanks to the included adapter that fits car seats manufactured by Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi Cosi.

The City Select is also convertible and is compatible with several popular car seat models, including Britax, Chicco, Evenflo, Graco, Maxi Cosi, and Peg Perego.

Wrapping it up

Both the Baby Jogger City Select and the Nuna Mixx2 are top-quality, high-end strollers that sit at the upper end of the price point scale. Both are suitable for everyday use, but like all Baby Jogger strollers, the City Select can also double as an off-road vehicle for families who enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle.

If you have one child and no plans to add another to your family, you may prefer the Nuna Mixx2, which is designed to carry one passenger. There’s an easy to operate reversible seat, and the stroller is compatible with most popular car seat brands too.

For a family with two children, the City Select gives you the option to convert it from a single stroller to a double by adding a car seat adapter, additional toddler seat, or a bassinet for a newborn. If you were to choose all these extras, you would be able to achieve a mind-boggling 16 different seating configurations!

Both strollers are comparable in comfort for the passenger and the parent, although neither includes many essential accessories such as cup holders, snack trays, parent consoles and the like, which is disappointing when you consider that neither of these strollers is a cheap purchase. However, you can buy a wide range of accessories for both strollers if you want to.

Whichever of the two strollers we’ve reviewed here you decide to buy, you can be sure that you’re getting a well-made, durable piece of equipment that will give you reliable service for many years.


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