50 Australian Baby Girl Names Starting with Y: An Aussie Touch

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Hey mama-to-be! How about considering a dash of Aussie charm for your little girl’s name? Our list of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with ‘Y’ promises to make your search exciting and meaningful. Let’s get started, shall we?

Notable People With Australian Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Did you know that some well-known and inspiring women have Australian names starting with ‘Y’? Consider Yvonne Strahovski, an accomplished Australian actress, or Yael Stone, another Aussie artist known for her role in ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ These women might just provide the inspiring connection for your baby girl’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YaraYarah, YarrahSeagull
YindiYindie, YindiyaThe sun
YalimaYalimah, YalimmaHeavenly woman
YannaYannah, YiannaGift of God
YarraYarrah, YarrahSwift running water
YettaYetty, YettahRuler of the household
YulaYulah, YulaeJewel of the sea
YaraYarah, YaraaButterfly
YolaYolah, YolarViolet flower
YungaraYungarah, YungaraiWoman
YannaYannah, YannaiBlossom
YalikaYalikah, YalikaaFlower
YaraYarah, YarraqWater lady
YarraYarrah, YarrRiver
YillaraYillarah, YillaraiMoon
YindiYindiah, YindiehSunbeam
YarrahYarrah, YaraAffectionate
YillaYillah, YilliaEarth
YaraYarah, YarajBright star
YollaYollah, YollaaMountain peak
YullaYullah, YullaiaShallow water
YindiYindie, YindiyaStar
YallaraYallarah, YallaraiRain
YulalaYulalah, YulalaaDancing water
YumiYumie, YumiahBeauty
YilpaYilpah, YilpaaSky
YarraYarrah, YarraneWaterfall
YindaYindah, YindaaRainbow
YannaYannah, YannaiMoonbeam
YaraYarah, YaraiAurora
YalliYallie, YalliahMorning
YullaYullah, YullaaShooting star
YamiYamie, YamiahOcean
YalaraYalarah, YalaraiMountain breeze
YalindaYalindah, YalindaiMorning dew
YirraYirrah, YirraiTwilight
YallaraYallarah, YallaraiSunshine
YarraYarrah, YarraneWater lily
YandaYandah, YandaaCloud
YumiYumie, YumiahRadiance
YolaYolah, YolanMorning sun
YaraYarah, YaraiSeashore
YindiYindie, YindiyaEvening star
YarraYarrah, YarraneMisty rain
YanaYanah, YanaiFirst ray of light
YaraYarah, YaraiRainbow
YolaYolah, YolanSunshine
YindiYindie, YindiyaOcean wave
YannaYannah, YannaiStarlight
YarraYarrah, YarraneWater sprite
YandaYandah, YandaaCelestial beauty

And that’s our roundup of 50 Australian baby girl names starting with ‘Y’. We hope you found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your little one. Remember, we have plenty more lists of baby names on our site. Thanks for letting us be part of this magical journey, and keep exploring!

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