50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with U: Discover the Outback Charm

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Hey mom-to-be! Wondering how to name your little knight in the most unique way? Let us guide you through a treasure trove of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with U, each brimming with the charm of the Down Under. Get ready to be inspired!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with U

Did you know? Celebrated actor Uther Dean from ‘Wellington Paranormal’ and esteemed artist Uziah Thompson, a pioneer in dub music, both carry Australian names starting with U. These individuals have etched a significant mark in their respective fields and add a dash of fame to these unique names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UdellUdall, UdaleFrom the Yew Tree Valley
UgoUgolin, HugoHeart, Mind, Spirit
UlrichUli, UloHeritage Ruler
UriUrie, UrijaMy Flame, My Light
UptonUptown, UptinFrom the Upper Town
UriahUriyah, UriasGod is My Light
UrialUriel, UrieleLight of God
UlyssesUlysse, UlisseWrathful
UmarOmar, UmerFlourishing, Long-lived
UrbanUrbano, UrbainFrom The City
UbertoUmberto, HubertBright Heart
UlfUlff, UlfeWolf
UtherUthyr, UtharTerrible
UzielUzziel, UzziaGod is My Power
UzairUzzair, OzairGod’s Helper
UdoUdon, UdomProsperity
UlandUlland, UlandaNoble Land
UlgerUlgar, UlgorSpear of the Ancestors
UlmarUlmer, UllmarFame of the Ancestors
UmmidUmmide, UmmidaHope
UnwinUnwyn, UnwinnNon-friend
UpwoodUpwode, UpwodFrom the Upper Forest
UrialUryal, UrrialGod’s Light
UzziahUzzia, UziahStrength from God
UarinUarine, UarinneCity Dweller
UlandusUlhandus, UllandGreat Homeland
UlpianoUlpius, UlpianLittle Witty One
UrbainUrbanus, UrbaneCity Man
UrienUryan, UrenPrivileged Birth
UronUrron, UronnHeavenly
UthmanUsman, UthmannBaby Bustard
UzomaUzomah, UzzomaGood Way
UaltarUaltarr, UaltorStrong Fighter
UllockUlock, UlokWealthy
UlmarrUllmarr, UlmarWolf Fame
UryUrry, UriCity Dweller
UaldaUaldae, UaldahBrave
UbbiUbbie, UbbeBright Intellect
UllUllie, UlliGlory
UrianUryan, UrienHeaven
UaineUayne, UaneGreen
UttamUtam, UtamaBest
UdayanUdayana, UdayaneRising Sun
UbaydahUbaida, UbaydaServant of God
UriansUryans, UrianHeaven
UisdeanUsdean, UsteanIntelligent

We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of 50 Australian baby boy names starting with U! Thank you for joining us on this unique journey into the realm of baby names. Feel inspired? Stay curious! There’s a plethora of other baby name idea lists awaiting you on our site. Happy naming!

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