50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Explore the Aussie Charisma

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Choosing a baby’s name is not just about labels – it’s about laying the first stone of their identity. If you’re planning to begin this journey with a ‘P’, our list of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with P is the treasure trove you need!

Notable People With Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with P

From the entertainment industry to sports arenas, names starting with P have graced many a headline. One of Australia’s revered athletes, Pat Cash led the country to victory in tennis. And let’s not forget Paul Hogan, the charismatic actor who brought Aussie charm to Hollywood.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PatrickPat, Paddy, RickNobleman
2. PaulPaolo, Pavel, PaulySmall
3. PeterPete, Petey, PedroStone
4. PercyPercivalPierces the valley
5. PhillipPhil, Pippin, FelipLover of horses
6. ParkerPark, ParkesPark keeper
7. PrestonPres, PresleyPriest’s town
8. PrincePrinz, PrinzeRoyal son
9. PearcePiers, PieroRock
10. PorterPortGatekeeper
11. PeytonPaytonFighting man’s estate
12. PascalPascoe, PascualEaster child
13. PiercePier, PiercySon of Piers
14. PiersPierce, PiersonRock
15. PalmerPalm, PallPilgrim
16. PennPen, PennyEnclosure
17. PaxtonPax, PaxonPeace town
18. ParryParri, ParisSon of Harry
19. PickettPick, PicketPointed
20. PritchardPritch, PrichHardy power
21. PollockPoll, PolkSmall
22. PercyPerci, PerciePierce valley
23. PurcellPurce, PurseySwineherd
24. PalmerPalm, PalmyPilgrim
25. PlummerPlum, PlumbWorker of lead
26. PritchettPritch, PritchyLittle brave one
27. PrescottPres, ScottPriest’s cottage
28. PinkneyPink, PinkyBright, pink
29. PepperPep, PeppyHot spice
30. PennPen, PenneyHill
31. ParkinPark, ParksRock
32. PinchasPinny, PinchOracle
33. ParkePark, ParksEnclosed park
34. PutnamPut, PuttyDweller by the pond
35. PaynePaine, PaineRustic
36. PercivalPerce, PercyOne who pierces the valley
37. PadenPad, PaddyRoyal
38. PenningtonPenny, PenTown near the hill
39. ParnellParn, ParnyLittle Peter
40. PaxPax, PaxtenPeaceful
41. PeverellPev, PeverilPipers hill
42. PepperellPep, PeppiFrom the piper’s hill
43. PandulfPan, PandyAll wolf
44. PetrusPete, PetrusStone
45. PixleyPix, PixyPixie’s meadow
46. PlacidoPlacid, PlacyCalm, quiet
47. PophamPop, PopyPeople’s home
48. PingPingo, PingsDuckweed
49. PattenPat, PatsNoble
50. PepitoPepi, PepeGod will add

Thank you for taking the time to explore our curated collection of 50 Australian Baby Boy Names Starting with P. We trust you’ve discovered some wonderful ideas to consider. Feel free to continue the journey of finding the perfect name by exploring other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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