50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with K: Culturally Rich Options

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Hello, all you glowing moms-to-be! Today we’re exploring a treasure trove of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names, all beginning with the charming letter ‘K’. These enchanting names are loaded with tradition, meaning, and will make your little princess stand out.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Celebrities have often been our source of inspiration when it comes to baby names. Khadijah James, from the TV show ‘Living Single’, played by Queen Latifah, embodies strength and independence. Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services is another well-loved character from a popular modern fantasy podcast. Both these names originate from Arabic and start with ‘K’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KamilahKamila, KamillaPerfect
KhalidaKhalidah, KhalidhaImmortal
KaifKayf, KaifeState of joy
KarimahKareema, KarimaGenerous
KanizKanez, KanizeMaid
KamyaKamiya, KamyahWish, desire
KhuzamaKhuzamah, KhozamaLavender
KhalilahKhalila, KhaleelaFriend
KahlaKala, KahliaPretty, lovable
KulthumKulsoom, KulsumFirst daughter
KhadijahKhadeeja, KhadishaPremature child
KashafKashifa, KashifahRevealer of Secrets
KhalisahKhaleesa, KhalisaPure, true
KawkabKokab, KaukabStar, celestial body
KaridaKaridah, KareedaUntouched
KindaKenda, KendaA side, love
KifahKifa, KifahStruggle
KautharKowther, KotharRiver in Paradise
KawkabKaukab, KawkabaStar
KhuludKhulood, KhouldImmortality
KhairahKheira, KairaThe best, prime
KuwaysahKuwaisah, KuweisaPretty
KhursheedKhorshed, KhurshidSun
KhayriyyahKhairiya, KhayriyaCharitable
KanzKanzah, KanzeTreasure
KhatoonKhatun, KhatoonLady, noble woman
KaramKarem, KaramaGenerosity
KhawlahKhawla, KhawlahA buck deer
KulsoomKulsum, KolsoomFull of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy
KarishmaKarisma, KarishmahMiracle
KhitamKhetam, KheetamConclusion
KhairaKhayra, KheiraBest, virtuous
KhuzamahKhuzama, KhuzamahLavender
KhairiyaKhairiyah, KheiriyaCharitable, good
KausarKowsar, KosarRiver in Paradise
KifayaKifaayah, KifayahEnough
KhaleelaKhaleelah, KhalilaFriend
KhadeejaKhadija, KhadejaEarly baby
KawkabaKawkab, KaukabaStar
KhansaKhansaa, KhansahOld Arabic name
KhitamKheetam, KhitaamConclusion
KawtharKauser, KowtharRiver in heaven
KhadiyaKhadya, KhadijahGuide, guide to righteousness
KhaleesiKhaleesi, KhaleesieQueen
KhuzamahKhuzaimah, KhuzamahLavender
KhawlaKhawlah, KhawlaaGazelle
KausarKowthar, KauserStream of Paradise
KhalifaKhalifah, KhaleefaCaliph, successor

Thank you for joining us on this journey through 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with K. We hope that we’ve provided you with some inspiration for your baby’s important first gift – her name. Continue your naming journey by exploring more of our compilations on our site. Happy naming, moms!

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