50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with J for Your Little Princess

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Becoming a mom is undoubtedly exhilarating, and the joy of naming your little one is a journey unto itself. To lend a hand, we’ve curated a list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with ‘J’ that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also rich with meaning.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with J

There’s no shortage of remarkable women bearing Arabic baby girl names that start with ‘J’. Acclaimed Lebanese singer, Julia Boutros, is praised for her compelling voice and humanitarian work. Award-winning Moroccan-French author, Leïla Slimani, born as ‘Jihad’, has captivated worldwide readers with her powerful storytelling.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JanaJannah, JanaeHarvest, Garden
JamilahJamila, JameelaBeautiful
JasminJasmina, YasminFlower
JalilaJalilah, JaleelaGreat, Revered
JameelahJamila, JamillahBeautiful
JahanJahana, JahaniaWorld, Universe
JuwayriyaJouwayria, JuwayriaLittle Girl
JananJanane, JananeeHeart, Soul
JayyinahJayyina, JayyinGood, Virtuous
JulnarJulnara, JulnareSea Nymph
JalilahJalilla, JalylahGreat, Exalted
JumanahJumana, JoomanaSilver Pearl
JaniyaJania, JaniyahHeartfelt
JaziaJaziya, JaziyahRewarder
JameelaJamila, JameelahBeautiful
JawahirJawahira, JawahireJewels
JaninaJanine, JaninahHeart, Soul
JumaanaJumanah, JumaanahSilver Pearl
JanaanJanan, JanaaniHeart, Soul
JuriJuria, JuriahFlower
JoumanaJoumana, JumanahPearl
JeelGeel, GielGeneration
JaveriaJavaria, JaveryaProphet’s wife’s name
JumaynahJumaina, JumaynaGem
JazaJazaa, JazahReward, Compensation
JalalJalala, JalalahGlory, Greatness
JabaJabah, JabbaFreckles
JannahJana, JennahGarden, Paradise
JumanaJumaana, JumanahSilver Pearl
JalaJalaa, JalaahClarity, Elucidation
JameeraJameerah, JameiraBeautiful
JouriJoury, JourieRose
JalaaJalaa, JalaBringer of light
JabinJabeen, JabynForehead
JumaJumah, JoumaBorn on Friday
JanahJana, JannahParadise
JumailJumayl, JumailaNight’s conversation
JaninaJaninah, JanynaHeart, Soul
JalaalJalal, JalaaleGlory, Grandeur
JasseerJasir, JasireBrave, Bold
JalaadJalad, JalaadeContinuous Rain
JeziaJeziah, JezeyaGenerous
JaseyJacey, JasyJasmine Flower
JaleesJaleese, JaleesaCompanion, Friend
JummahJumma, JumahBorn on Friday
JummalJumal, JumaleUnit, Together
JameeraJameerah, JameyraBeautiful
JalabJalabe, JalbaWater Mixer

Thank you for embarking on this exciting naming journey with us. We hope our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with ‘J’ has inspired you and brought you one step closer to finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be bundle of joy. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more curated baby name lists on our site — we’re here to guide and inspire as you prepare to welcome your little one.

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