Explore the Beauty of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With V

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From vibrant Velika to virtuous Verity, choosing an African baby name that starts with ‘V’ adds a unique touch to your little girl’s identity. Allow us to guide you in your quest to find the perfect name that captures the strength and beauty of Africa for your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Venus Williams, a prominent tennis star, and Victoria Mahoney, the first African-American female director for Star Wars, both carry African baby girl names starting with ‘V’. Their names are not only beautiful but also symbolize a resounding strength and individuality.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VidaVeeda, VeedahLife
2. VelikaVelika, VelikahGreat, wondrous
3. VerityVeritie, VeritaeTruth
4. VisolaVisolah, VisolaeLong life brings wealth
5. VashaVashah, VashaeRule
6. VimbaiVimbay, VimbayeTrust, to have faith
7. VuyiswaVuyiswah, VuyiswaeTo be made happy
8. VanesaVanesah, VanesaeButterfly
9. VuyolwethuVuyolwethuh, VuyolwethueOur happiness
10. VusiweVusiwae, VusiwaiTo be the bearer of gifts
11. VaniaVaniah, VaniaeGod is gracious
12. VeliswaVeliswah, VeliswaeTo be sent
13. VictoryVictoree, VictoriVictory
14. VangileVangilee, VangiliGood news
15. VutiviVutivia, VutivieKnowledge
16. VezokuhleVezokuhleh, VezokuhleeBring good things
17. VhutaliVhutalie, VhutaliGift
18. VangileVangille, VangiliGospel, good news
19. VongaiVongae, VongaiHumility
20. ViolaViolah, ViolaeViolet
21. VatiswaVatiswah, VatiswaeTo be offered
22. VeonVeone, VeonaeLife
23. VallariVallarie, VallariVine, creeper
24. VoshellVoshelle, VoshellaeBeautiful
25. ValenciaValenciah, ValenciaeStrong and healthy
26. VitaliaVitaliah, VitaliaeLife
27. VesnaVesnah, VesnaeSpring
28. VardaVardah, VardaeRose
29. VolnaVolnah, VolnaeWave
30. VirnaVirnah, VirnaeSpring green
31. VoyaVoyah, VoyaeTravel
32. VogelVogelae, VogeliBird
33. VremyaVremyah, VremyaeTime
34. VoronaVoronah, VoronaeCrow
35. VononaVononah, VononaeSmile
36. VetaVetah, VetahFrom the forest
37. VanyaVanyah, VanyaeGracious
38. VeldaVeldah, VeldaePower, rule
39. VernettaVernettae, VermettiSpring-like
40. VarvaraVarvarah, VarvaraeStranger
41. VreneliVrenelie, VreneliLittle gretchen
42. VirenaVirenah, VirenaeMaiden
43. VesnaVesnah, VesnaeMessenger
44. VoskiVoskie, VoskaiGold
45. VesperaVesperah, VesperaeEvening star
46. ValeaValeah, ValeaeValley
47. VafaraVafarah, VafaraeFull of life
48. VarenkaVarenkah, VarenkaePure
49. VanoraVanorah, VanoraeWhite wave
50. VoletaVoletah, VoletaeVeiled

We’re overjoyed you joined us on this journey through our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With V. We trust that our compilation has sparked your imagination and brought you closer to the perfect name for your baby girl. Don’t forget to draw more inspiration from other baby name lists on our site. Your child’s name story is just a click away—happy naming!

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