Uplifting and Unique: 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With U

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Hey moms-to-be! I’m sure you’re buzzing with anticipation as you prepare for your little prince’s arrival. If you’ve been dreaming of a unique and meaningful name that begins with the letter U, you’re in luck. Our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with U is here to inspire you!

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With U

Uzodinma Iweala is an acclaimed American author of Nigerian descent whose first name means ‘road is good’ in Igbo. Then there’s Usher, the Grammy-winning artist with a name of African origin, meaning ‘gatekeeper’. Isn’t it fascinating how names can carry such profound meanings and associations?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UbaUbah, OobaWealthy
UdofaUdofia, UdoffaFourth Son
UduakUduaka, UdduakWill, Desire
UfotUffot, UfaatGod’s Watcher
UgboOogbo, UgbahLand
UgonnaUgonah, OgonnaGod’s Heart
UhiaomaUhioma, UhyaomaGood Marketplace
UjamaUjamah, UjamaiFamilyhood
UjiriUjiree, UjiryI Have Achieved
UkejeUkejeeWell Shared
UkemeUkemeh, UkeemAbility, Power
UkwuomaUkwuma, UkwomahGood Home
UlomaUlomah, UlomaiBeautiful Home
UmaUhma, OomaNation, People
UnathiUnathee, UnatheyGod is With Us
UneUhnay, UnehHome
UnigweUniigwe, UnygweHeaven is Home
UnjokuUnjokuu, UnjokuuHousehold is Supreme
UpeUpee, UpehPraise, Thanks
UpendoUpendoh, UpendooLove
UrennaUrennah, UrennaiFather’s Wealth
UriUree, UryMy Fire, Light
UsafiUsafee, UsaafyCleanliness
UstadUstadh, UstaadMaster, Professor
UseniUseny, UsennieTell Me
UtaUtaa, UtahWarrior
UthmanUthmaan, UthmannCompanion
UtibeUtibeh, UtibeeJoy
UukaUukah, UookaRise Up
UwaisUwaise, UwaissGifted
UwemUwemm, UuhemLife
UzimaUzimah, UzimaiVitality
UzochiUzochie, UzochyGod’s Way
UzomaUzomah, UzomaiGood Path
UzonnaUzonnah, UzonahGod’s Favor
UzonwaUzonwah, UzonwaahLife Is Precious
UzuriUzurie, UzuryBeautiful
UzomaUzomah, UzowmahBorn on a Journey
UzuriUzury, UzhuriBeauty
UzbekUzbeek, UzbeckFree
UzodinmaUzodimma, UzodinmahThe path is good
UzomaUzomah, UzomeThe path is great
UzuriUzhuri, UzurieBeautiful
UzuaUzuah, UzuhaStrength
UzochiUzochie, UzochyGod’s Path
UzonnaUzonah, UzonahPath of the Lord
UzomaUzomah, UzoomaGood Journey
UzuriUzurie, UzuryBeautiful
UzomaUzumah, UzomahGood Path
UzonnaUzonnah, UzonahGod’s Favor
UzziUzzie, UzzeeMy Strength

Thanks for taking the time to explore our curated list of 50 African baby boy names starting with U. We hope it sparked some inspiration for your little one’s name! Remember, naming your baby is a deeply personal journey – enjoy every moment of it. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect name, be sure to check out our other lists on our site. Happy naming!

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