50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With D: Connect with Ancestral Roots

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Choosing a name for your baby boy? How wonderful! Our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with D is here to inspire you. These names, rich in history and cultural significance, will form a beautiful part of your baby’s identity.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Dakarai means “happiness and joy” in Shona and is shared by notable Zimbabwean artist Dakarai Akil. Dikembe Mutombo, a Congolese-American NBA star, carries the name Dikembe, meaning “peace”. This could be the perfect source of name inspiration for your little one!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. DakaraiDakarae, Dekarai“Happiness”
2. DumisaniDumisa, Dumisane“Praise”
3. DabiriDabire, Dabirie“Teacher”
4. DeionDeon, Dion“God of wine and revelry”
5. DumeDumi, Dumee“The child respects”
6. DialloDeollo, Diolo“Bold”
7. DareyDari, Daire“The one who is as good as gold”
8. DijiDexi, Deji“Cultivator”
9. DayoDayoe, Dayu“Joy arrives”
10. DabulamanziDabulamanzie, Dabulamanzee“Divider of the waters”
11. DaoudaDaudo, Dauda“Loved”
12. DalmarDalmer, Dalmor“Versatile”
13. DambaDambae, Dambai“Blessing”
14. DensuDenso, Densou“River name”
15. DijiyeDijiyae, Dijiyie“Born during harvest”
16. DeoDeeo, Deou“God-like”
17. DelaDelae, Delay“Saviour”
18. DumeleDumelle, Dumele“Respect me”
19. DumaDumaa, Dumah“Respected one”
20. DamaniDamian, Damanie“Tomorrow”
21. DejenDejian, Dejun“Strength”
22. DalisoDalise, Daleso“Blessings”
23. DekeDekee, Dekae“Dusty one”
24. DebaDebe, Debu“Joyous”
25. DarenDaren, Deren“Born at night”
26. DumiDumee, Dumie“Inspiration”
27. DalonDaloon, Danlon“Highly esteemed”
28. DarenkoDarenkoe, Darenko“Born after twins”
29. DafariDafare, Dafarie“The first child after twins”
30. DzikoDzeko, Dzikoe“The world”
31. DualeDualey, Dualie“Peace”
32. DanjumaDanjumah, Danjumma“Born on Friday”
33. DebolaDebole, Debolu“The crown brings honor”
34. DeiondreDeiondrey, Deiondry“Valley”
35. DembeDembee, Dembey“Peace”
36. DiolindaDiolindu, Diolindy“He who loves us”
37. DalitsoDalitsoe, Dalitsoo“Blessing”
38. DzvasheDzvasha, Dzvashu“God’s gift”
39. DadaDadae, Dado“Curly-haired child”
40. DjimonDijimon, Dyjimon“Powerful”
41. DakaDacca, Daca“Has many friends”
42. DawitDawite, Dawit“Beloved”
43. DerinDeron, Derun“Born on a rainy day”
44. DafyddDafyd, Dafidd“Beloved”
45. DakoDacoe, Daco“King”
46. DialamehDialame, Dialamehh“Savior has come”
47. DirisuDirkso, Diriksu“Do not forget”
48. DongoDongoe, Dongow“Thunder”
49. DzvairoDzvaro, Dzveroe“Wonder”
50. DikotsiDikose, Dikosy“Trouble”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with D. Remember, a name isn’t just a tag—it’s a gift of identity that your baby carries for a lifetime. Get inspired for this beautiful journey and don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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