50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With O: Unwrap the Majesty of Tradition

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As we embark on the thrilling journey of motherhood, choosing the perfect name for our little bundle of joy is an adventure in itself. And guess what, momma? ’50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With O’ is the treasure trove you would definitely want to explore!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With O

From the world of sports to the realm of arts, Afghan names are proudly represented. Take ‘Omar’, for instance, which belongs to the remarkable Omar Sharif, a celebrated actor renowned for his roles in ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OsmanOthman, UthmanServant of God
ObaidUbaidSmall slave
OmarUmarLife, Long-lived
OrzalaUruzalaLight of Fire
OybekUybekNoble prince
OmariUmariGod the Highest
OtabekUtabekPrince’s supporter
OhanUhanGracious, Merciful
OzilUzilDetermined, Resolute
OdilUdilJust, Fair
OrhanUrhanNoble leader
OktayUktaySharp ax
OvezUvezProtector, Guardian
OnurUnurHonour, Glory
OsmaanUsmaanServant of God
OzdemirUzdemirFirm resolve
OrzUrzShine, Glow
OzcanUzcanStrong, Powerful
OrzuUrzuWish, hope
OtgonbaatarUtgonbaatarStrength, Hero
OrkhanUrkhanNoble prince
OmariUmariGod the Highest
OtabekUtabekPrince’s supporter
OtgonbayarUtgonbayarYoungest joy
OguzhanUguzhanCelestial ruler
OtunchiUtunchiMorning light
OchilboyUchilboyWise boy
OrozbekUrobeckHonored prince
OktamUktamNoble, Honorable
OzodbekUzodbekIndependent, Free
OzodmirzoUzodmirzoIndependent prince
OhangulUhangulSong of a dream
OktomushUktomushNoble fighter
OrtikboyUrtikboyRadiant boy
OzodqingizUzodqingizIndependent youth
OydinboyUydinboyEnlightened boy
OrtiktoUrtiktoShining star
OlimjonUlimjonHigh, Supreme
ObidjonUbidjonLittle servant
OzimjonUzimjonMy hope
OdiljonUdiljonJust, Fair-minded
OskonUskonFast, Swift
OnatUnatAble, Capable
OlimboyUlimboySupreme boy

Thanks for checking out our list of ’50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With O’. We hope these names have inspired you and added a dash of excitement to your baby-naming adventure. Remember, there’s a world of unique baby name ideas waiting for you on our site. Let’s continue the journey together!

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