50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Beginning With A to Create a Legacy

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Looking for a mesmerizing name for your little prince that holds meaning and charm? Letters do matter, and if ‘A’ is your favored one, we’ve got a treat for you! Explore our diverse collection of 50 Arabic baby boy names beginning with ‘A’!

Notable People with ‘A’ Names

Many influential individuals carry names beginning with ‘A’. The renowned physicist ‘Albert Einstein’, the popular actor ‘Ashton Kutcher’, and the iconic artist ‘Andy Warhol’, all carry ‘A’ names that helped etch their legendary status.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AhmedAhmad, Ahmet, AchmadHighly Praised
2. AliAly, Alli, AleeHigh, Lofty
3. AbdullahAbdallah, Abedullah, AbdoullahServant of God
4. AmirAamir, Ameir, EmirPrince, Commander
5. AymanAiman, Eiman, AyemannLucky, Righteous
6. AdnanAdnaan, Adnen, AdninSettler
7. AhmadAhmed, Ahmet, AhmodMore Commendable
8. ArifAarif, Aref, AriffKnowing, Aware
9. AshrafAshraff, Ashrafe, AshrefMost Honorable
10. AsadAssad, Asaad, AsaadLion
11. AnasAnass, Anes, AnisAffection, Love
12. AzizAzeez, Azis, AzzizPowerful, Respected
13. AbidAbed, Aabid, AbidhWorshipper
14. AtaAtaa, Atah, AttahGift
15. AzamAzzam, Azem, AzomGreatest
16. AsifAseef, Assef, AasifGather, Harvest
17. AsimAseem, Aasim, AhseemProtector
18. AkilAkeel, Akal, AqeelIntelligent
19. AdelAdil, Adeel, AdalJust, Fair
20. AqibAqeib, Akeib, AaquibFollowing
21. AyazAyazz, Ayaas, AyaazCool Breeze
22. AminAmeen, Aaman, AmynTrustworthy
23. AnwarAnwaar, Anwer, AnwaarLuminous
24. AfranAffran, Afron, AfranTree
25. AsarAser, Asor, AsaarMark
26. AtifAteef, Attif, AatifAffectionate
27. AzharAzher, Azzhar, AazharMost Shining
28. AdibAdheeb, Adeeb, AdebCultured
29. AfdalAfdel, Afdaal, AfdelMost Excellent
30. AkramAkrem, Aakram, AkhramMost Generous
31. AqsamAksaam, Aqsem, AksamOaths
32. AreebArib, Areef, AreebWise, Intelligent
33. AujOwj, Aouj, AuwzZenith
34. AlimAalim, Aleem, AlymKnowledgeable
35. AdyanAdyen, Adeyan, AdyanReligions
36. AydinAyden, Aidin, AaidinEnlightened, Bright
37. AtaullahAtaulla, Ataula, AttaullahGift of God
38. AslahAsla, Aslaa, AslaahMore Appropriate
39. AarafAraph, Araaf, AaraphHeights
40. AkhfashAkhfaash, Akhfesh, AkhfasheOne who Breaks
41. AdarAdhar, Adir, AderFire
42. AabanAban, Abaan, AabhanName of the Angel
43. AashiqAshiq, Ashique, AashiqAdmirer, Lover
44. AwwabAwab, Auwaab, AwaabMost Repenting
45. AfsaAfzah, Afsah, EfsaProphet’s Daughter
46. AkbarAkber, Aqbar, AakbarGreater, Biggest
47. AidhAaidh, Aydh, AidhhNoble
48. AimalAimel, Aimael, AimallDesire
49. AtharAtar, Athaar, AthrPurer, More Virtuous
50. AamirAmir, Ameer, AamerFull, Prosperous
Thank you for journeying through our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names beginning with ‘A’. We trust you’ve found delightful options and maybe even the ideal one for your little one. Remember to check out our other baby name lists on our site for even more inspiration. Happy naming adventure!

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