How To Keep Your Stroller From Sliding in the Trunk

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The trunk space in your car is the obvious space to store your baby’s stroller while you’re on the move, but how do you make sure it doesn’t slide around back there?

Noisy, irritating, and simply unsafe, an unsecured stroller can be a literal headache!

Luckily, we’ve gathered some tried and tested ways to prevent your stroller from sliding in your trunk…

How To Keep Stroller From Sliding In Trunk

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Is It Safe To Drive With A Stroller?

Firstly, yes it is safe to drive with a stroller in the car, as long as it is securely fastened that is.

Remember, if you’re driving at 55mph, every object in your car is traveling at that same speed! If there’s a collision with another vehicle or an animal runs out into the road and requires you to slam on the brakes, then that loose stroller could do some serious damage to your car, and most importantly to you and your child!

Make sure you’re never caught in this situation and secure that stroller! Let’s show you how…

How To Keep Stroller From Sliding In Trunk: Things You Can Do

Whether you have a normal trunk or cargo space, there are simple ways to prevent your stroller from sliding.

First, fold your stroller securely and be sure to tie up any loose straps before you put it into the trunk, the less movement the better!

Next, decide which method below suits you and your vehicle best. With various straps and equipment available, and numerous anchor points in most trunk spaces, it has never been more simple to secure your stroller.

Use Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are an easy and efficient way to fasten and secure equipment in your trunk.

These come in different weight ratings and sizes so you can be sure your stroller is stable.

Use Bungee Cords

For larger cars such as station wagons and SUVs, place your stroller upright and wrap a bungee cord around your backseat headrest.

Storing your stroller vertically allows you more space for other items, but if it is too bulky then placing it horizontally might be best.

The alternative to using bungee cords is to use properly rated ropes. This can be difficult if you don’t know how, but if you know your knots then you may be up to the task!

Place A Non Slip Mat Under The Stroller

If you’d prefer a more hands-free approach, then an anti-slip rubber mat is a great way to prevent any unwanted movement, and you can buy one that fits your trunk perfectly. Just place the stroller in the trunk and you’re good to go!

Use Wheel Locks When Possible

Using your wheel locks is an easy way to keep your wheels stationary when you’re traveling.

Your stroller’s wheel locks should automatically engage and disengage.

Invest In A Cargo Net

Affordable and readily available on Amazon, a cargo net anchored to the trunk floor or rear seats is another easy way of securing the stroller.

Do Double Strollers Fit In The Car Trunk?

Double baby strollers are oh so convenient when you have more than one child, but if your car doesn’t have much trunk space then storing one can be difficult! Not to mention trying to stop it from sliding around back there can be double the challenge.

Some double strollers will fold down into a manageable size package and can easily be secured with most of the methods above. But be sure to measure your car and explore all of its potential positions before buying a double stroller. You’ll want one that works with what’s available (both inside as well as outside) so take your time.

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