How To Wear a Ring Sling: A Complete Guide

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The first time you wear a ring sling, it can be tricky to maneuver. But once you get the hang of things and learn how easy these slings are to put on, especially in comparison with carrying around an actual baby, the weight becomes worth all the hassle!

Plus, they’re small enough for you to take anywhere and leave at home if need be, so there’s no stress when going out or being away from loved ones.

how to wear a ring sling

How To Wear A Ring Sling

Ring slings are a popular option for parents who want to keep their hands free while carrying a baby. The long fabric strip joins two ends together forming an adjustable band, which you can easily wear over one shoulder.

The different patterns available make sure there is something for every style. The ideal ring sling for you will depend on the type of clothing worn underneath. If you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, then go with a standard size, but if you’re wearing layers, choose a larger sling size to ensure it will fit.

The ring sling is not a popular option for parents who live in hot weather, and it can become uncomfortable to wear when temperatures rise. It also makes your baby feel trapped if you have something heavy like groceries weighing down on one arm of the carrier strap.

However, the best part about a ring sling is that you don’t have to tie and retie it. Remove the clip without taking off your baby’s diaper, then adjust it during your next wear! Here’s how:

  • To start, put the rings on your left shoulder. The best way to hold your baby is by putting them in front or behind you, depending on if they are lying down and which side of their body gets used first.
  • Hold the rings of your sling and pull it back around you, then drape it across your shoulder.
  • Bring the tailback and tuck it behind your right shoulder.
  • Take the entire tail and lay it beneath and through both rings.
  • Allow the tail to dangle so that the top edge of the bottom hem is directed toward your midline, and the bottom edge will be on the outside of your body.
  • Work the cloth through the bottom ring slowly in both rounds.
  • Gently ease the bottom edge of your tail down to meet with its matching side. When you do this, both ends are still toward each other and not pointing anywhere else but towards the centerline.
  • Put your thumbs into the gap between the rings and pull out to loosen it a bit.
  • Begin by gathering the top strand of this piece strand by strand, gently. You can fan out and collect a striped sling stripe by stripe if you have one.
  • Continue to work your tail down the back, encircling it with your hands and pulling both top and bottom hems out until the sling is tightened. Repeat this procedure for the inner parts of the sling to ensure that everything is tight.
  • You can accomplish this by first threading the sling over your shoulder and then slinging it. Alternatively, you may incorporate it in your hands and then place it on your shoulder.
  • The rings should be as high on your shoulder as possible, especially when just getting started.
  • The first time you put your baby in the sling, it’s best to see how far down they are by holding out slightly before tightening up. This will allow for an even bottom hem when tightened correctly.
  • That’s all there is to it. After you’ve finished, place your infant in the sling.

Ring Sling Tips

When your baby is carried in the ring sling, you create a very safe and comfortable position. This deep seat prevents them from undoing the “seat” of their carrier when they straighten up.

Make sure you do your research to know how to thread a ring sling correctly. To make the most out of it, tighten up on three areas: The top third where the baby will be placed when getting into their carrier, the middle section that tightens around the wand/handles area, and the bottom end with extra fabric holding these two ends together.

Make sure that the fabric doesn’t gape or scrunch up around you because then, every time someone pushes on it, they’ll feel this huge gap. So ensure everything is nice and flat against your back for an ideal experience.

Final Thoughts

Ring slings are an excellent choice for any parent with an infant or toddler. They’re easy to use, compact, and supportive.

In addition, you can run errands with your baby in tow without worrying about holding them too tightly because the fabric supports your baby comfortably. Enjoy all the benefits that come with wearing your ring sling!

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