How To Clean a City Mini Stroller: A Complete Guide

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The City Mini Stroller is a great option for families on the go. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, which makes it a fantastic versatile option for all of your adventures.

Keep reading to learn how clean a City Mini Stroller to keep it in the best condition. In this guide, we’ll go through several steps to keep your stroller sparkling clean.

How to clean a city mini stroller

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Steps To Clean A City Mini Stroller

Dismantle The Canopy

When you wash your stroller, make sure to disassemble the canopy or padded portion from its metal frame first. This will allow for easier cleaning and reduce potential stains on delicate materials. 

To remove the upper canopy of your stroller, there are a couple of steps you need to take that include:

  • Identify the zipper attached at both ends of the stroller. Unzip the zipper and remove any hooks or straps.
  • Next, grab hold onto the one side of the stroller where all the connecting points fall under.
  • Then, pull up until everything clamps together.

Now, focus on dismantling the lower section of your stroller. Disconnect the screws, straps, and fasteners on both sides of the stroller. The seat is connected to the frame by little hooks. You can remove the seat by holding it and pulling it up in the same direction.

You’ll notice inside the seat is a small metal frame and PE boards. On the backside of the seat, you can see fasteners, and when you open it you can see the boards and frame. There are three PE boards: one on the upper side, one on the base, and one on the foot base.

In addition, be sure to remove the net component, which can get very dirty. It can also be removed from the frame using buttons and straps.

Remove Any Residue Using A Brush

Look for larger crumbs that are collected through the seat. Brush them away, but be careful because sometimes food spills also lay on top of the seats.

Vacuum up any smaller pieces of dirt or other tidbits before you move on to another section to clean properly.

Food and dirt can get stuck in the cracks of your stroller, so make sure you clean it regularly. Vacuum up any large crumbs that fall off onto the floor or into cushioning and brush away smaller pieces with a damp cloth if necessary to remove all traces before proceeding forward.

Wash The Fabric

The City Mini Stroller’s cloth can be washed in a washing machine!

Put the separated seat and canopy in your washing machine and give it a cold soak. To wash the fabric, use a 30-degree water temperature. For washing, you should use a moderate detergent. Steer clear of any caustic, solvents, and abrasive cleaning agents.

If you don’t have time for a machine wash, use room temperature water and mild detergent in an appropriate sized bowl or pot with enough brush attachments.

You can also spot clean specific areas that may be dirtier than others. Pay attention when scrubbing since some stains might come out easier because they’ve been left long enough without being cleaned properly before then, but if mold appears anywhere during this process remove it immediately.

Allow The Fabric To Air Dry

To keep your stroller fabric in good shape, do not dry it in your dryer machine.

Instead, air-dry the material and avoid direct sunlight when possible to prevent shrinkage from happening. If you need help getting rid of those pesky wrinkles or shrinking seams use a press, iron, or steamer.

Make Sure The Frame Is Clean

The frame of the stroller is not only important for how it rolls, but also in preserving its longevity. Cleaning can be done very easily with lukewarm water and baby-safe soap to keep your child’s environment clean as well!

Make sure you use non-toxic cleaners on all parts that come into contact with your children.

Wiping down the exterior of your stroller with a soft towel will not only clean it but also remove any dirt or debris that may have built up overtime. If you’d like, use some disinfectant spray before folding away for storage so all germs are killed.

Taking Care Of The Wheels

To clean your strollers wheels, simply remove them from your stroller and wash them with soap. Rinsing is also an option but be careful not to soak them in water because it could cause damage.

Afterward, dry off all parts thoroughly before reassembling.

Examine The Brakes

Wipe off the dirt and debris from your stroller, making sure the brakes still work . You can spray WD-40 on squeaky brakes or use some lubricant to make folding and unfolding easier.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to clean your stroller on a regular basis, or else it might start falling apart. After washing all parts thoroughly and drying them off completely, your stroller will look brand new!

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