25 Stunning DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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You want your Christmas tree to look fabulously festive this year, but your old decorations are looking rather shabby and dated. But Christmas is an expensive time of the year at the best of times, and shop-bought tree trimmings can be ridiculously pricey.

So, how do you spruce up your tree ornaments without breaking the bank?

In this article, we present to you 25 super-easy DIY Christmas tree decoration projects that you and your family can make at home this Festive Season.

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Project #1: Christmas Tree Bunting Garland

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and you want a decoration that can be used on your Christmas tree or around the walls of your home, you’ll love this Christmas tree bunting garland.

Choose a selection of pretty festive fabric offcuts that you can pick up cheaply from your local fabric shop or use scraps of old material that you may have in your sewing box. You can embellish your Christmas tree bunting with sequins and sparkly beads too if you want to add more bling.


Project #2: Toilet Roll Christmas Ornament

For the ultimate in budget tree ornaments, look no further than this gorgeous, sparkly flower petal-inspired hanging ornament. All you need to create this decoration are a few cardboard toilet roll centers, a glue gun, some glitter, and hanging thread.

This is a simple project that your kids can join in too.

How To Make An Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornament

Check it out here.

Project #3: Unicorn Bauble Christmas Tree Ornament

If you have kids who love unicorns, they will go crazy for these super-cute unicorn-inspired tree ornaments. Although these decorations look complicated, they are not difficult to make, and you can find everything you need to create them at your local craft store.

This project would suit a crafty mom or older kids who have an interest in creative art.


Project #4: Mini Thread Christmas Trees

These stylish mini Christmas trees look great arranged around the foot of your main tree or can be used to create a beautiful, minimalist display along a mantelpiece or in a fireplace.

This project is straightforward but incredibly effective too. Choose green silk thread to create traditional trees or go for something a little bit different by using colors to match your festive décor theme.


Project #5: Natural Pine Cone Tree Ornaments

For a sustainable, rustic decoration, choose these natural pine cone tree ornaments. These hanging decorations make the perfect complement to a natural Christmas tree and can also add a more realistic finish to an artificial one.

Use pinecones that you gathered on a winter walk with your family for this project. You can leave the cones plain and natural or embellish them with glitter or metallic spray if you prefer.


Project #6: Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas trees are very much on-trend again this year, so you’ll be right in fashion with this super-bright, colorful Pom-Pom tree.

Why not ring the changes this year? You won’t have the hassle of vacuuming up dropped pine needles after the New Year, and the cat won’t pull the tree over trying to steal the decorations!

You can choose festive colors for the pom-poms or maybe try using sparkly wool to add a little bling to your tree.


Project #7: Rustic Tree Ornaments

If you have a rustic, natural-looking Christmas tree in your home each year, you’ll love these easy-to-make ornaments.

All you need to create these attractive decorations are some thin slices of natural wood, some paint, and some attractive hanging thread. Choose festive messages or legends to paint onto the wooden disks and use them to wish visitors to your home a wonderful Christmas time.


Project #8: Frosty Pine Cones

Frosty pine cones are a classic DIY Christmas craft project that your kids will love to get involved in. Take a walk through the forest on a winter’s afternoon and gather lots of pine cones. Then head back home and get crafty with sparkly glitter and glue to create a whole bunch of super-blingy hanging tree decorations.


Project #9: DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones

You can turn your home into a winter wonderland this year with a display of these gorgeous snow covered pine cones. Fill a red or green glazed bowl with the cones to create a pretty display for your fireplace or under your Christmas tree.

Kids of all ages will have great fun getting busy making these effective decorations.


Project #10: Natural Wood Christmas Tree

If you have a small apartment or a house where you have limited space, fitting even a modestly sized Christmas tree into your home can be impossible. So, here’s the ideal solution for your bijou place!

This natural wood Christmas tree hangs on your wall! The tree is easy and cheap to create, using offcuts of firewood or fallen tree branches. Decorate the tree with DIY ornaments or natural pine cones to complete the effect.


Project #11: DIY Rustic Acorn Ornaments

These home-crafted DIY rustic acorn marble ornaments make a super Christmas creative project and decoration. They look stunning on your Christmas tree as they catch the firelight. Handmade nature crafts like this also make a great gift idea for family and friends.

All you need for this project are some acorn cups that the kids can be tasked with finding on a winter walk, some glass marbles, and string.


Project #12: Sparkly Acorn Christmas Tree Decorations

If you enjoy making things and you’re handy with crafting, you might want to try making these elegant, subtle acorn Christmas tree decorations. Although very effective, these ornaments are not expensive to put together and will last for years too.

Alternatively, you could buy these decorations ready-made via the link provided.


Project #13: Christmas Carol Music Box Tree Decoration

Your rustic Christmas tree will set-off these Christmas carol music box tree decorations to perfection. These effective seasonal decorations also give off the appealing aroma of wood and will give a natural tree the perfect finishing touch.


Project #14: Woodland Animal Baubles

These woodland animal baubles look super-cute on any rustic Christmas tree, nestling cozily amid the pine-scented branches.

This project shows you how to create a deer, a fox, and an owl, but you can choose to make any animal you want to recreate.


Project #15: Dolly Peg Holy Family

Add a traditional Biblical touch to your Christmas tree by creating the Holy family from wooden dolly pegs, sack-cloth, and string.

These easy-to-make, cute ornaments also bring the evocative scent of natural wood to your room that perfectly complements the pine scent of your tree.

Project #16: DIY Needle Felted Christmas Tree Star Ornaments

These needle felted Christmas tree stars are a simple project that your kids will love getting handy with. Keep things plain and simple or add some glitter and bling to bring a little extra sparkle to your tree this season.


Project #17: Christmas Wrapping Concertina Baubles

Here’s a super-simple project that shows you how to create origami-inspired paper baubles from Christmas wrapping paper.

Older kids might like to try this too!


Project #18: Scrabble Tile Personalized Christmas Tree Decorations

These scrabble tile personalized Christmas tree decorations can also be used as gift tags or even table settings for your Christmas feast.

The whole family can have fun thinking up suitably festive words to include on these simple but attractive rustic decorations. For an extra touch of sparkle, use metallic ribbon to hang the ornaments.


Project #19: Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament

If you’ve chosen a rustic, homely theme for your Christmas tree this year, these yarn wrapped stars could be the perfect choice for decorations.

These ornaments are the perfect way of using up leftover wool and yarn, especially if you have some in red, green, and other seasonal colors. Kids of all ages can join in with this project too.


Project #20: Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

Every Christmas tree needs a star to sit on top, and this project shows you how to create a star tree topper from candy canes. After Christmas, you get to eat the star too!

Although it looks complicated, the tree top star is actually very easy to make. Check out the step-by-step tutorial at the link to see how it’s done.


Project #21: DIY Upcycled Wooden Christmas Tree

Upcycling is super-trendy at the moment, and you can catch the wave by creating this shabby chic wooden Christmas tree, complete with old door knobs for baubles! Add coat hooks, distressed brass bolts, and even rusty hinges to finish off your project.

The upcycled tree is designed to be wall-hanging so that it won’t take up too much space in your home.

Project #22: Bookworm Baubles

Nothing is better than a Christmas decoration that’s been made with love. These unusual baubles would make the perfect gift for someone who’s a bookworm! And if your kids want to make a gift for a favorite teacher, these baubles certainly fit the bill.

To give the baubles a final festive finishing touch, why not add some seasonal greenery and colored ribbon?


Project #23: Ribbon Stars and Snowflakes

Stars and snowflakes have always been synonymous with Christmas, so why not celebrate by creating these super-easy, very effective tree ornaments this year!

These decorations are cheap to make and can be adapted to any décor theme simply by choosing the color of the ribbon carefully and adding spangle and glitter if you want to.


Project #24: Paper Doily Christmas Tree Ornament

You’ll need some crafting supplies and a creative vibe to make these super-cute Christmas tree ornaments, using cheap paper doilies and old wooden lollipop sticks. This project is so easy that kids can do it as young as preschool and on up!

Project #25: Personalized Felt Christmas Robins

Add humor to your Christmas tree decorating theme this year with these personalized felt Christmas robins.

Add your kids’ names to the cheeky, plump robins and hang them from your tree, or perhaps create a full display across a mantelpiece.


Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you!

All the projects that we’ve included here are cheap to make and are easy to put together. Even better, most of these craft ideas are suitable for kids of all ages to get involved in. Homemade decorations add that personal touch of love to a festive décor scheme, so if you’ve never ventured down the DIY route before, this Christmas would be the perfect time to start!

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