50 Best Gifts for Stay-at-home Moms

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Did you know that according to a recent survey based on U.S. Census Bureau data, over 11 million parents don’t go out to work but choose instead to stay at home and care for their family?

That’s 18 percent of the population!

Being a stay-at-home mom is just as challenging as being a mom who has a career in the world of work. As well as caring for and raising her family, a stay-at-home mom has to keep house, cook, run errands, and help with homework too.

Now that’s a tough job!

So, on birthdays, at Christmas time, or simply because you want to show mom just how much you appreciate her, you’ll need to give the perfect gift to the stay-at-home mom in your life.

In this article, we bring you our suggestions for 50 of the best gifts for stay-at-home moms. Whether it’s something practical, entertaining, or gives mom the chance to relax and enjoy some valuable me-time, you’ll find the perfect gift in our list.

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Table of Contents

Practical Presents

A stay-at-home mom has many and varied jobs to carry out each day, and practical gifts can often be the most well-received presents you can buy.

These gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the face of any stay-at-home mom!

Grey Marble Wine Bottle Cooler

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At the end of a busy week, mom might like to chill-out with a glass of ice-cold wine. Well, if that sounds like the kind of thing that would appeal to your stay-at-home mom friend, this classy wine cooler would make the perfect gift.

The wine cooler is made of beautiful, shimmer-grey, solid marble. This versatile tabletop cooler can also be used to hold a stunning bouquet of flowers, store home office supplies, or keep kitchen utensils organized.

The cooler’s base is designed not to damage surfaces and can be used to make a beautiful dining table centerpiece.

SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum

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Okay, so a cordless vacuum may not be the most romantic gift for a stay-at-home mom, but it’s certainly an extremely useful one!

If mom has been struggling with a heavy vacuum cleaner that’s tethered to a power source by a cord, she’ll love this lightweight, cordless cleaning solution. The Sowtech cordless vacuum cleaner is super-powerful, tackles pet hair, mites, and dust with ease, and has a battery life of over 40 minutes.

The reusable filtration system is easy to clean, and the unit comes with a range of handy accessories that enable mom to tackle every aspect of house vacuuming. She can even use the vacuum to clean her car’s upholstery.

M-jump 8 PCS 4 Pairs duster Mop Slippers Shoes Cover

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This quirky, practical gift set of eight chenille dusters makes the ideal gift for the stay-at-home mom who has hard floors to clean!

The dusters fit neatly over mom’s shoes, enabling her to clean hard floors while keeping her hands free to do something else. The novelty shoe dusters can also be used as a mop head and for washing mom’s car.

Instant Pot DUO80 8 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

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One job that can take up a lot of time in a busy stay-at-home mom’s day is preparing a meal for her family.

The Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker is a fabulous time-saving tool that enables mom to get on with other tasks while dinner takes care of itself. As well as tasty casseroles, mom can use the cooker to prepare rice, porridge, and hearty soups too.

This smart kitchen gadget has 14 programs and can be controlled remotely via Amazon Alexa. The unit comes complete with a range of useful extras, including a soup spoon, measuring cup,

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker, Black

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Most stay-at-home moms are far too busy to spend time baking, but this marvelous bread making machine means that the family will now be able to enjoy delicious freshly baked bread!

The bread machine is fully programmable and can be used to make jam and meatloaf, as well as mouthwatering bread. All mom has to do is measure out and add the ingredients to the machine, and leave it to do the rest!

Cleaning the bread maker is easy too, thanks to the non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe design.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte

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If mom likes to sit down during her busy day with a reviving cup of freshly brewed coffee, she’ll love this Mr. Coffee Latte machine!

The machine is a simple, one-touch system that brews the coffee, while simultaneously heating and frothing the milk to make a perfect, creamy latte every time. And that’s not all! On cold winter days, Mom can also use the machine to make a delicious mug of steaming hot chocolate.

The unit has a 24-ounce capacity, so mom can make several drinks at the same time, perfect for when friends call round, or the kids want a hot drink too!

iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum

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Every stay-at-home mom will be delighted with this hands-free robot vacuum!

The robot vacuum is perfect for homes with pets, as it removes all the dirt and pet hair that can be seen, as well as the dust and allergens that are invisible. The easy-clean vacuum works on hard floors, as well as carpets, and it fits easily underneath furniture, saving mom’s back and knees from torment!

The iRobot can be controlled via the iRobot HOME app, Google Assistant, and Alexa, and it runs for up to 90 minutes before recharging is required.

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine

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When life is hectic, a busy stay-at-home mom needs a good night’s sleep!

This white noise machine is proven to help young infants sleep soundly through the night. The machine comes with a cover so that mom can turn the device into a handy nightlight, making late-night nursery visits practical without having to turn on the main light and waking baby.

The machine also features a soothing mixed color display and relaxation-inducing sounds, including rain, ocean waves, and white noise. Also, mom can play lullabies for her child via her iPod and cellphone.

Frye Melissa Leather Hobo

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This practical, stylish leather hobo-style purse with its two handy storage pockets gives mom the space she needs to carry all the bits and bobs she needs when she’s out and about with the kids.

This leather bag looks great as a hand-held purse, and it comes with a shoulder strap, enabling mom to carry the bag satchel style on occasions when she has her hands full.

Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to suit mom’s style and look.

Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pant

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These super-stretchy, cotton mix yoga pants will help to keep mom comfy all day long, as she goes about her household duties.

Machine-washable and easy to care for, these pants will make a great addition to any stay-at-home mom’s wardrobe, especially for a mom who likes to grab a quick work-out too.

Pampering Gifts

When mom finally gets a moment to relax, she’ll really appreciate a gift that enables her to get the most from her valuable me-time.

Here’s a selection of lovely gifts that will give your stay-at-home mom the pampering treatment she deserves!

Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket

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A stay-at-home mom has many tasks to accomplish during her busy day, including sitting down to make phone calls or plan that week’s after school activities.

This super-cozy throw blanket is perfect for keeping mom warm when she’s not on-the-go. The throw has two sides, one with velvet cashmere and the other with white faux sheepskin. Choose from an impressive range of colors and patterns to complement any interior home décor scheme.

PAVILIA Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

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When mom finally gets the chance to crash out in front of the television or read a good book, she’ll love snuggling up in this premium fleece blanket with sleeves.

The blanket is made from super-cozy, microfiber fabric and is designed so that mom can keep her feet toasty warm too. There’s a front pouch where mom can store her cellphone, keys, and other essentials.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Relaxing in the bathtub can give mom the headspace she needs after a trying day.

This beautifully-made and practically-designed bathtub caddy tray has lots of space for a glass of wine or juice, a candle, mom’s tablet, and some luxury soap too.

Made from water-resistant bamboo, the tray will fit double and single bathtubs. The tray won’t slip and slide, thanks to silicone grips fitted to the underside.

Happy Gift Card

This gift card enables mom to enjoy a meal out with friends, update her wardrobe with amazing clothes and accessories, or relax with a spa treatment.

This Happy Card can be used at any of the featured U.S. stores or redeemed online.

Hotels.com Gift Card

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Hotels.com is a leading worldwide accommodation website that features a choice of hundreds of thousands of hotels across 200 countries.

Whether your stay-at-home mom friend or relative is traveling with her family or takes a trip away on her own, she will find the perfect hotel deal right here on this website.

This card makes the ideal date night gift for the stay-at-home mom in your life.

TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box

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A stay-at-home mom’s job doesn’t ever stop! So, this self-care box of goodies comes on a monthly subscription, ensuring that mom receives a delightful package of self-care stuff to enjoy, each and every month throughout the year.

Inside the box, mom will find a range of skincare, aromatherapy, body care, lifestyle, and mindfulness activity products that’s worth over $100!

Every stay-at-home mom deserves to feel spoiled, and the TheraBox promises that she will, every single month!

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush

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A busy stay-at-home mom doesn’t usually have time to fix her hair properly, so it often ends up scraped into a messy topknot.

If a trip to the hairdresser is out of the question, this curling iron brush and hair straightener combined is the next best thing. The nylon bristles are gentle on hair and ensure that mom will never burn her fingers, no matter how much she’s rushing!

Thread Tank Mom Life Best Life Women’s Fashion Slouchy 3/4 Sleeves Raglan Sweatshirt

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Well, the legend on the front of this super-comfy, slouchy fashion top says it all!

Mom will love this loose, lightweight top that’s made from top-quality cotton mix fabric. Machine-washable, easy to care for, and uber-trendy; what’s not to like?

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

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A busy stay-at-home mom doesn’t always have time to indulge in a scented bath or invigorating massage. That’s where this essential oil diffuser comes in!

The VicTsing is a best-seller, thanks to its attractive, sculpted design with a beautiful wood grain coating that perfectly complements any interior décor scheme. The color-changing LED mood lights, humidifier, and aromatherapy diffuser all combine to create the perfect relaxing ambiance in any room. So, mom can go about her daily chores in her very own home chill-out zone.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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This best-selling, quirky aromatherapy bracelet enables mom to relax while she works!

The bracelet contains a magnet to ground the wearer, and is supplied with eight colored pads. That means that mom can change the color of her bracelet to match her mood or what she’s wearing.

The bracelet’s stainless-steel construction means that it won’t tarnish or stain mom’s skin, no matter how much she wears it.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

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This Shiatsu Foot Massager is sure to put a smile on mom’s face!

A stay-at-home mom is often on her feet all day, and even if she doesn’t say so, it’s highly likely that her feet are aching. This foot massager is the perfect solution! The machine has lots of different settings, so mom can choose a deep massage or a lighter one, depending on her needs.

Also, mom can add heat to warm her toes on a cold day, and the air pressure around the foot is excellent for promoting better circulation.

Sorel Women’s Nakiska Slipper

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Now that mom’s feet are no longer aching, thanks to her foot massager, you can make sure that her tootsies stay cozy by adding these gorgeous slippers to your gift!

These slippers are an Amazon best-seller, and it’s easy to see why. The suede upper and non-slip rubber outsole make these slippers the ideal choice for a mom who works inside her house with the occasional trip outside to take in washing, etc.

The slippers’ wool-mix lining ensures that mom’s feet stay warm, and the EVA insole ensures total comfort all day long. Check out the impressive range of colors available, and choose the one that mom would love the best.

Darden Restaurants Gift Card

With this Darden Restaurants gift card, your stay-at-home mom friend or relative can enjoy dining out at any of the 1,600 restaurants that are included, anywhere in the U.S.

After working hard all year round to cook for her family, what stay-at-home mom wouldn’t appreciate a meal out once in a while?

Clean Beauty Organic Spa, Full Size Beauty Gift Box

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This beauty gift box contains everything a stay-at-home mom needs to enjoy a full-on pampering session without even leaving her home!

The products included in the box are all organic and natural, with no nasty, harmful chemicals or harsh detergents. Mom will love the French pink clay face mask, midnight facial oil, rose lip balm, and mask brush.

Sur La Table Gift Card

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If your stay-at-home mom friend or relative enjoys cooking for her family and as a hobby, she’s sure to love this Sur La Table gift card.

Sur La Table offers the finest quality dinnerware, cookware, bakeware, and kitchen electrical gadgets. Mom can shop online at her leisure via the company’s website at www.surlatable.com.

Bath Set

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The scents of cherry blossom and jasmine are renowned for promoting relaxation and lifting the mood. And this beautifully presented bath set is stuffed with gorgeous pampering products that mom will love!

Everything in the bath set is crafted using top-quality, natural ingredients that focus on softening and moisturizing all skin types, while being rich in antioxidants that repair and protect.

Inside the decorative bath container, you’ll find hand soap, body lotion, bath salts, bubble bath, shower gel, and unique rose paper soap. This is a perfect gift for the ultimate home pampering experience!

Quirky, Fun Gifts

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose a gift for the stay-at-home mom who seems to have everything! So, why not give her something a little quirky and off-the-wall?

Here’s a selection of unusual gift ideas that mom is sure to love!

Philip Whitney Metal Family Tree Picture Frames with 10 Hanging Photo Frames

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This stunning, unusual photo collage doubles as an eye-catching piece of home décor.

The freestanding memory tree is made from dark-colored, bronze effect metal and features ten small picture frames. The intricately woven branches of the tree are hung with pretty leaves, and the square photo frames are suspended in amongst the foliage.

Tea Forte SINGLE Steeps Assorted Variety Tea Chest Gift Set

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Even the busiest stay-at-home mom needs to stop for tea!

This variety tea chest gift set features high-quality, loose tea in a wide range of mouthwatering flavors, including chocolate rose, blood orange, and cucumber mint. Simply pour the contents of one pouch into a teapot or infusing basket, add hot water, and allow to steep.

The gift box contains decaff teas, as well as caffeinated.

Tea Forte Cafe Cup Porcelain Tea Cup

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To accompany her selection of exotic loose teas, why not add this simple, stylish porcelain café teacup and saucer to your gift?

The lid helps to keep the contents warm while the tea is steeping to the perfect strength, and the cup is microwave and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser

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To complete this gift for a tea-loving stay-at-home mom, you’ll need to add this set of four extra-fine mesh tea infusers.

The hanging design allows mom to use the infusers on any size cup or mug. Fill the infuser with tea, twist to close, and then immerse in hot water to brew a cup of tea to the strength of mom’s preference.

The stainless-steel mesh tea basket won’t tarnish or degrade, so the infuser will last a lifetime, and the no-scald silicone handle is BPA-free. For easy cleaning, the whole thing is dishwasher-safe.

Wooden Family Birthday Reminder Calendar Board

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This reminder calendar board is the ideal tool for making sure that mom will never forget any important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

The kit comes with three pens, 50 discs, and adhesive hooks for wall hanging. This calendar board makes an attractive addition to any interior décor scheme, being decorative as well as useful.

Date Night Jar

Date night is a sacred ritual that every stay-at-home mom looks forward to, but it can sometimes be tricky to decide on what to do on date night.

This fun, quirky Date Night Jar contains 52 totally original date ideas – one for every week in the year!

The ideas for the perfect date night are written on card stock sticks. All mom has to do is close her eyes and pick a stick to reveal what this week’s fun date is.

“This is What an Awesome Stay-at-Home Mom Looks Like” Mug

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Everyone knows that a mug is a really useful, fun present to receive. And this top-quality piece of ceramic kitchenware displays the perfect legend for your stay-at-home mom friend.

The generous 11-ounce mug with its large, comfortable handle can be used to serve hot and cold drinks. The mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe, and the eye-catching graphics will never fade, no matter how often mom enjoys using her mug.

Super Mom’ T’

Here’s a wonderful fun gift for any stay-at-home mom!

This “Mom” definition T-shirt is smart, practical, and it tells everyone exactly what the stay-at-home mom does! The T-shirt is made from super-soft fabric that’s 90 percent cotton, machine-washable, and handmade for the perfect fit.

Positive Affirmation Cards for Mom

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Running a household and raising a family is undoubtedly challenging, and it can be easy to fall out of love with your lot.

Well, these positive affirmation cards can have a powerful impact on mom’s daily life! In fact, just one inspiring sentence can have the power to change the course of mom’s whole day.

The 54-card set has a different statement and background on every card. The cards come in a clear, hard carry-case that enables mom to take her cards with her everywhere she goes.

Willow Tree Mother and Daughter sculpted hand-painted memory box

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This beautiful trinket box features a bas-relief carving on its hinged lid of a mother embracing her child. The box is large enough to contain jewelry, notes, keys, or loose change, and it comes in its own box, ready for gifting.

Popular artist Susan Lordi designs and carves each Willow Tree artwork in her Kansas City studio. This piece is made from the artist’s original design and is hand-painted.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Once the kids are settled in bed or in someone else’s care, a stay-at-home mom can enjoy a relaxing shower in peace. The relaxation experience can be further enhanced with mom’s favorite tunes, but how is that going to work with all that water splashing around?

Well, the Splash Tunes Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker solves that problem!

The speaker comes in a choice of eight bright colors, has several large, easy-to-navigate buttons, and is compatible with any Bluetooth-capable device. There’s even an integral microphone, enabling mom to answer phone calls while she’s in the shower!

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

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Even if your stay-at-home mom friend doesn’t have time to get to the gym or play sport every day, she’ll spend plenty of time on-the-go looking after the kids and keeping the house.

So, to encourage and motivate your friend or relative and keep going in her quest to shift that baby weight, why not buy her this stylish Fitbit? Mom can see exactly how she’s doing in real-time by checking her activity levels using this fun tool.

Ouwegaga Fitbit Charge 3/SE Water Resistant Fitness Wristbands

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To accompany mom’s Fitbit Charge 3, why not add this pack of 12 water-resistant wristbands to your gift?

The bands are made from a high-quality, sweat-resistant, flexible material that’s durable and lightweight too. The bands are easy to install and resize, and the aluminum buckle holds the band safely and securely in place, no matter how vigorously mom is exercising.


Just because she works all day at home, mom will still appreciate some pretty jewelry that she can wear anytime, anywhere.

We’ve picked out some gorgeous pieces of wearable art that will appeal to any hard-working stay-at-home mom. There’s something here to suit every budget, no matter how modest.

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Heart Pendant Necklace

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For a unique and unusual jewelry gift, why not choose this delightful, heart-shaped pendant that contains real dried flowers? The blooms are preserved in resin and set into a sterling silver surround.

The flowers are grown and hand-picked in the fields of Taxco, Mexico, and are preserved permanently in the resin to create a truly individual piece of jewelry. The necklace comes complete with on an 18-inch silver rope chain with a lobster-claw style clasp.

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

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Why not add these gorgeous, pressed flower teardrop earrings to the pendant to create a stunning set that any stay-at-home mom would be proud to wear?

The earrings are made in the same way as the pendant, and both pieces come with a 100 percent, money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase

Mixed Tone Triple Bar Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace with Heart Charm

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This stunning pendant comes in gold plate, rose gold plate, and solid sterling silver and is fully personalized to create a thoughtful gift that any mom will appreciate.

The U.S.A. made pendant is custom-crafted for you with the names of your stay-at-home mom’s kids. You can choose from a ball, box, or cable style chain in the length of your choice. Hardwearing and durable, this stylish, attractive pendant will last mom a lifetime and makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

RESVIVI Sterling Silver 3D Engraved Personalized Bar Name Necklace

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A stay-at-home mom doesn’t usually need to be reminded that she has a family, as they usually there with her. However, she will appreciate this gorgeous pendant that acts as a sentimental reminder on tough days.

This simple, classic design comes in several colors, including rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. You can have as many names as you wish engraved on the multi-sided bar, and it comes suspended on a beautiful, matching box chain.

Mother and Child Mama Bear Love Heart Pendant Necklace

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This pretty love heart pendant depicts a mother bear watching over her two cubs, representing a mom’s love for her little ones.

The high-quality .925 sterling silver heart is embellished with sparkling diamond-effect stones and comes on an 18-inch box chain.

Any stay-at-home mom would be delighted to receive this stunning necklace as a gift!

Books for Stay-at-Home Moms

When she has ten minutes to spare or when the kids are finally tucked up in bed for the night, your stay-at-home mom friend might enjoy settling down with a good read.

Here’s a collection of books that all moms who work hard to raise their families will find motivating and inspiring.

The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide

No products found.

The “Stay-at-Home Survival Guide” is a truthful, all-encompassing how-to book that takes a long, hard look at the myriad psychological and practical issues that face stay-at-home moms today.

This invaluable resource for moms includes interviews with others in the same situation as your stay-at-home mom friend, expert input from educators, medical specialists, counselors, family therapists, and more.

In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms

No products found.

“In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms” is written by licensed marriage and family therapist, Laura Schlessinger. Inside the book, you’ll find a wealth of encouragement and practical advice for any stay-at-home mom.

The book shows any mom how to hold her head high, develop and strengthen the bonds between her and her family, as well as to keep sight of herself as a former professional with a valued role in the working world.

Every stay-at-home mom should read this book!

Flex Mom: The Secrets of Happy Stay-at-Home Moms

No products found.

Just because you’ve become a mom, that doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself!

That’s the message in this book. “Flex Mom” is aimed at moms who what to find a role midway between being a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. This happy medium sees mom in the role of caregiver for her kids while still creating a pathway that fuels her passions, leaving her confident and fulfilled.

The book offers an irresistible combination of coaching and psychology, laced with honesty and humor.

The Empowered Mama: How to Reclaim Your Time and Yourself while Raising a Happy, Healthy Family

No products found.

Many stay-at-home moms try to juggle the roles of homemaker, mother, and wife while also being competent, professional women. But many times, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, and mom can feel selfish to take time for herself when her family still demands more.

In the pages of “The Empowered Mama,” the stay-at-home mom will find many simple yet powerful tools that can help her to reconnect with herself as she navigates her way through the tricky journey of motherhood.

The Happy Stay-at-Home Mom: How to look and feel amazing after having your baby

No products found.

This book promises to help any new stay-at-home mom to become healthier, snazzier, and happier, just like she always promised herself she would be!

Becoming a mom is so much more than learning about dealing with postpartum depression, losing your baby weight, and figuring out how to get your infant to latch on to your nipple. This book helps mom to get her head around all these things and much more besides, with a large dollop of realism, wit, and tranquillity.

Goodbye Workplace. Hello Family! Helping Moms Find Their Way Home

No products found.

Many stay-at-home moms find themselves torn between a career and their family. Trying to be all things to all people can lead to a strained marriage, rebellious kids, and poor work performance.

You can’t be in two places at once, and this book sets out a practical plan on how stay-at-home moms can make a less-than-perfect situation work out for the best.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, the moms who stay at home to raise their kids are forgotten and, dare we say, taken for granted by their nearest and dearest. You can remind the stay-at-home mom in your life just how valued she is by presenting her with one of the gifts in our list of 50 great ideas.

Whether it’s something practical that mom can use around the home to make her life run more smoothly, or a pampering gift that mom can enjoy during her downtime, or perhaps a piece of beautiful jewelry that can be kept as a timeless memento of just how much she means to her loved ones, you’re sure to find the perfect present in our list.


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