30 Amazing & Simple Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

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If you’re expecting a baby and you know that your bundle of joy is going to be a boy, you’ll need some great ideas for your baby shower.

Here are 30 brilliant projects that will help to make your baby boy’s welcoming party a truly special, memorable event. We’ve included ideas for decorations, food, and drinks that you can make yourself relatively cheaply, as well as a few ready-made items for those with a larger budget.

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Project #1: DIY Centerpiece for Boy’s Baby Shower

This centerpiece makes the perfect finishing touch for a dining table or gift display stand.

You’ll need some basic craft supplies and a few hours to create this cute centerpiece. Just follow the instructions in our tutorial and watch the video guide at this link .

DIY Centerpiece For Boys Baby Shower

Project #2: Baby Shower Selfie Frame

All your friends and family will be coming to your baby shower, so what better way to capture memories of your baby boy’s special day than to take a few snaps through this cute selfie frame.

This project will take you a day to complete, but the stunning effect makes this project well worth the effort!

Project #3: DIY Who’s Who Pins

These super-cute who’s who pins make a lovely boy’s baby shower keepsake for special guests and Mom and Dad. If you want to, you could make a pin for every guest; who’s who pins can make fabulous icebreakers for guests who don’t know each other.

You can make these pins cheaply too without breaking the bank.

Project #4: Baby Blue Table Decorations

Hosting a baby shower is an expensive business, but making your own table decorations can be a good way of saving money without compromising on the look you want to achieve for your party.

These beautiful table decorations are made using sprays of silk baby’s breath, blue-tinted Mason jars, and string or fine, blue ribbon if you prefer.

Project #5: Baby Block Centerpieces for a Boy’s Baby Shower

Your scan images form magical milestones throughout your pregnancy. This simple yet effective baby block photo memory board uses your scan pictures to make a great centerpiece for your boy’s baby shower.

You’ll need a few basic crafting supplies and some DIY experience to create this lovely piece.

Project #6: Baby Shower Game – When Will the Baby Be Born?

A baby shower should be fun, and a few games can really help make things go with a swing. This simple game involves guessing when the baby will make an appearance. And to make the game more interesting, you can take bets on the date your little boy will make his appearance.

You could make the rule that winner takes all or perhaps donate the total proceeds to the winner’s chosen charity.

All you need to make this game is a large piece of card, some metallic marker pens, and a crystal ball of course!

Project #7: Bow Tie Napkin Holders

If you’re planning on holding a sit-down party tea for your baby shower guests, you’ll love these bow tie napkin holders.

These cutlery and napkin holders are easy and quick to make, yet they’re oh so effective!

Project #8: Nautical Boy’s Baby Shower Punch

Even non-drinkers can enjoy this nautical baby shower punch that’s ideal for a baby boy’s welcome party!

The punch contains a blend of blue raspberry Kool-Aid lemonade and sprite poured over ice cubes to create a pretty blue lake on which three jolly rubber ducks float. Finish off the cute look with a blue ribbon tied around the punch bowl.

Project #9: Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispy Pops

This display of super-cute sweet nibbles is ideal for a boy’s baby shower party spread.

You don’t need to be a professional chef to make these easy, tempting treats, and they won’t break the bank either! You won’t need to worry too much about putting on the pounds either, as these Krispy cakes are lower in calories than cupcakes!

Project #10: Balloon Bottle Table Decorations

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a set of highly effective table decorations for your boy’s baby shower. All you need to make these eye-catching ornaments are some balloons, a few empty bottles, and a selection of blue ribbons.

Project #11: Rice Treat Pops Party Favors

Every baby shower hostess wants to give her guests a gift that they can take away after the party. These rice treat pops party favors are the perfect solution! They’re easy to make and won’t cost a fortune either. It’s a win-win!

Project #12: Tea Light Mason Jar Centerpiece

These tea light Mason jar centerpieces work extremely well when used to decorate a long trestle table. Place a blue and white gingham table cloth over the table and set your centerpieces at intervals down the center of the table for maximum effect.

Project #13: Baby’s Breath Elephant Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a striking centerpiece for your boy’s baby shower party table, check out this super-cute baby’s breath and elephant display!

This elegant, fun centerpiece is made using a Mason jar, sprays of silk baby’s breath, blue ribbon, paper elephants, and straws, so it won’t cost you the earth to create.

Project #14: Baby Shower Games – Guess the Number of M&Ms

For a cheap, hilarious baby shower game that everyone can join in, fill a baby’s bottle with M&Ms and ask your guests to guess how many sweeties fill the bottle!

The winner gets the bottle and the sweets!

Project #15: Boy’s Baby Shower Photo Booth

Everyone wants to take photos of the Mom-to-be at her baby shower, and a photo booth is the most effective, fun background for these snaps! But you don’t need to hire a purpose-made photo booth, as that would be very expensive.

Instead, why not create your own photo booth from colored fabric, balloons, and white fairy lights? Simplicity is the name of the game with this project, but the result is no less stunning.

Project #16: Boy’s Baby Shower Photo Frame

If you’re planning a rustic-style baby shower for a baby boy, you might like to make this gorgeous rustic photo frame where your guests can pose for selfies.

You can use white and green silk flowers for the display or include some blue blooms too if you prefer.

Project #17: Pastel Polish Baby Shower Party Favors

Your girly guests will love these easy to make pastel polish boy’s baby shower favors!

All you need for these lovely gifts are some blue silk flowers, one bottle of pastel blue nail polish per guest, cards, and a metallic gold marker pen.

Project #18: Boy’s Baby Shower Photo Background

You can make this boy’s baby shower photo backdrop with just a few lengths of floaty fabric in colors of your choice.

This simple idea makes a great photo backdrop where you can capture pictures of your guests that will make priceless memories that they can keep forever. Why not ask your guests to send you their pics so that you can include them on your Facebook page and share with all your friends?

Project #19: Blue Baby Shower Punch

For a stunning centerpiece to adorn your boy’s baby shower party table, you have to try this blue baby shower punch!

The non-alcoholic tropical flavor punch is finished off with a duo of cute rubber ducks floating on a fluffy bed of blue foam!

Project #20: DIY Baby Shower Mints

You’ll only need five ingredients to create these deliciously simple boy’s baby shower mints.

These melt-in-your-mouth mints make great party favors for your guests to take away with them, or why not set a few boxes of the mints around your table to be enjoyed with coffee after your meal?

Project #21: Babes in Blanket Sausage Rolls

For a twist on the familiar, traditional pigs in blankets that you enjoy at Christmas time, why not try making these babes in blankets for your boy’s baby shower?

You can buy ready-made pastry if you don’t want to make it yourself and choose your favorite sausages for the filling. Use veggie sausages too so that all your guests can enjoy this tempting snack. Simple and delicious!

Project #22: Boy’s Baby Shower Iced Cookies

If you’re a keen baker, you’ll love making and decorating these cute boy’s baby shower iced cookies.

These cookies look great and baking them yourself is so much more cost effective than buying them from a shop.

Project #23: Oreo Cookies for a Boy’s Baby Shower

All you need to make these delicious Oreo boy’s baby shower cookies is some blue fondant icing, a packet of sprinkles, and some Oreos.

Moorish, easy to make, and cheap too. What’s not to like?!

Project #24: Baby Blue Chocolate Strawberries

These baby blue chocolate strawberries make a stunning, tempting display that will grace any boy’s baby shower table. If you’re holding your boy’s baby shower during the summer, you must include these tasty treats as your main dessert!

Project #25: Baby Rattle Cake Pops

For a cute boy’s baby shower party favor idea, check out these baby rattle LuluPops by Lina. These edible rattles make an eye-catching display, or you could give them to your guests as party favors if you prefer.

Project #26: Ready to Pop Boy’s Baby Shower Party Favor

For a boy’s baby shower party favor that will make your guests smile, why not try these simple popcorn bags.

You can personalize the gift tags if you want to by using a metallic blue pen that you’ll get from a good craft or stationery shop.

Project #27: Blue Balloon Boy’s Baby Shower Bookends

These balloon bookends make a great addition to any boy’s baby shower party table. You could place them either side of the entrance to the party room too for maximum effect!

If you have a few hours to spare, you can create these decorations very cheaply. Even though the bookends don’t cost a fortune to make, they’ll look a million dollars!

Project #28: Boy’s Baby Shower Cup Cake Display

Everyone loves a cupcake, so why not create this stunning display, using cupcakes iced in various shades of blue? You could bake and ice the cupcakes yourself or buy them from a good catering outlet if you prefer.

Finish off the look by placing the cupcakes on silver cake boards and baking the cakes in silver cases. Deliciously simple!

Project #29: Shower Scrub Boy’s Baby Shower Invitations

Printed party invitations can be costly, but you can create these quirky boy’s baby shower invitations for just a few dollars.

All you’ll need for this simple project are some shower scrubs in various shades of blue, some ribbon, and some printed bow ties, which you can make yourself, using your home computer.

You can personalize all the bow ties and hand deliver them to all your friends and family. And after your guests have received their invitations, they can use the scrubs for their very own shower! See what we did there?!

Project #30: Boy’s Baby Shower Guestbook

A guest book is a lovely keepsake that will help to bring back many happy memories of your boy’s baby shower.

Here’s a great idea for a simple display that you can make into a guestbook after the party. The washing line of bibs, cute dungarees, and sleepsuits looks delightful and is sure to form a focal point for all your guests at your baby shower. Make sure you include enough cards for all your friends and family and remember to ask them to fill in their names as they arrive at the party.

Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these ideas for your boy’s baby shower! We’re sure you’ve found lots of inspiration here for your special day. Choose ideas to suit your budget and get creative if you enjoy making things.



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