How To Keep a Baby Car Seat Cool in the Summer

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You’re in the middle of a hot summer and you have your baby with you. How do you keep them cool when it’s so hot outside? The answer to this question may seem simple, but there are several different ways for parents to ensure their children stay safe during these sweltering days of sunburns and melting ice cream!

When you take your child out of the car, do they seem hot? Usually, this is because there’s a good chance their temperature has increased dramatically. The inside of a car can soar up to 40 degrees within an hour. Parents always want to ensure that children remain comfortable and relaxed while buckling in their seat belt harnesses or seats.

Keep reading to learn a couple of tips and tricks to make car seats more comfortable for your little ones!

how to keep baby car seat cool in summer

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Use Portable Car Seat Cooler

The best way to keep your child cool while driving is by using a removable car seat cooler. You can purchase freezable ice packs and put them on the cover of this device, which will allow access when removing it from an infant’s or toddler’s vehicle seat.

Alternatively, you could fill an empty water bottle with coolant and freeze it until solid for a cost-effective option. Once frozen, place 4-5 ice packs into the bottle cover before putting your child in their seat.

Use Sunshades

If you’re using an infant carrier, keep the sunshade up while driving to block some of the sun’s radiation. These car seat shades tend to be very soft and flexible for older kids sitting on seats with built-in canopies like a convertible car seat.

You may think that a roller sunshade is safe for your car window because it’s designed to stay in place during storms and heavy traffic. However, their hard surfaces could seriously injure your child if they are hit by a shade. In addition, the sunshades are not very transparent so the visibility from the driver’s seat could be impaired.

Tint Windows

UV damage is a significant concern for parents, as it can lead to short-term and long-term health problems. To protect your little one from the harmful effects of bright sunlight or harsh UV rays, you should tint their windows with anti-glare treatment to avoid being distracted by shiny surfaces while driving on busy streets.

In addition, this will reduce eye strain which has been proven helpful in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Use Rear Air Condition

Place the rear air conditioning ducts toward your child. Models with this feature should be on the top of your list if you’re purchasing a new automobile, as it aids in better ventilation for backseat passengers and keeps them cool on hot days!

Keep Your Care Cool Before Stepping In

To ensure that your child’s car seat is in the best condition possible, you should precondition it before entering. New cars often come with remote start or cooled rear seats for added convenience of getting inside quickly while not having to worry about heatstroke.

Use Cooling Mats

The freezable child seat cooling mat from Cool Carats is a must-have for those hot summer days when you need to take your baby out of the car. The unique design instantly transforms cool air into motion that keeps their legs, arms, and head, comfortable while they stay in place during long trips.

The best part? It’s easy to install: just attach this portable device to your car before leaving. When you return to your car after an hour or two you won’t have to worry about extreme heat levels in your car.

Use Spray Bottle With Fans

There are many ways to keep your child’s car seat cool on a hot day. You can either let them hold or play with water bottles filled with liquid, which will help reduce their sweat rates.

If they prefer something that moves smoothly but doesn’t make much noise, consider getting a fan-attached spray bottle.

Choose Light Color Seat

Dark colors like black can absorb far more light than any other color, which translates to higher heat levels. This isn’t ideal for your child’s car seat!

Pick something lighter in the shade so that you don’t have unnecessary worries about them getting too hot while driving or unsafe during these summer months.

Final Thoughts

There are several options to keep the baby car seat in your vehicle cool during very hot days. I hope these suggestions will make your travels more pleasant and worry-free, knowing that your child will be comfortable even on the most scorching days.

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