Do Cats Like Going for Walks in Strollers?

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Indoor cats have a reduced risk of injury when compared with those that are allowed outside, but we can’t take away their freedom by keeping them isolated forever! If you’re looking into alternatives for letting your kitty have a little freedom outdoors this article can help. Read on to answer the question “Do cats like going for walks in strollers?” and learn everything about cat strollers!

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Everything You Need To Know About Cat Strollers

Cats need a stimulating environment. If your cat is of the indoor type, this means providing toys, creating places for them to hide, and making your backyard an appealing place that your cat wants to explore.

However, many cat owners report that their pets seem to enjoy going for walks in a stroller. With so many dangers out there, primarily road traffic and the risk of poisoning, it is little surprise a cat stroller is a popular purchase! It sounds like a great way for your favorite feline to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors safely inside its own contained area!

Do Cats Like Going For Walks In Strollers?

What Is A Cat Stroller?

But what is a cat stroller?

Well, a cat stroller is a type of carriage that is specifically designed for transporting cats. It has a comfortable place for the cat to sit, and may also have a cover to protect the cat from the sun or rain.

There are even covers made out of breathable mesh material for you to observe what your cat is up to while giving them plenty of space outside!

Most models have storage compartments where treats or toys could be stored alongside water bottles, perfect if Fido gets thirsty during his trip.

What Are The Benefits Of Cat Strollers?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are many benefits to owning a cat stroller:

  •  It keeps your cat safe and secure, it makes taking your cat for a walk much easier.
  • It helps protect your cat from the sun and other elements.
  • It gives you and your cat a chance to bond and spend time together. Taking your cat for a walk in the stroller can be a fun and relaxing experience for both of you.
  • It’s also a great way to give your cat some mental stimulation, which is important for their health.
  • If you are unable to carry your cat in a cat backpack owing to back problems, cat strollers are the best option. You can push a cat stroller instead of carrying your cat on your back and shoulders in a cat backpack.
  • If you have a busy lifestyle, a cat stroller can be a lifesaver! It allows you to take your cat with you wherever you go without having to worry about them getting lost or running away.

Overall, there are many benefits to owning a cat stroller. If you’re considering purchasing one, be sure to do your research and find one that’s the right size and style for your cat.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Cat Stroller?

There are, however, a few disadvantages of using a cat stroller: 

  • They can be quite expensive, especially if you want a top-of-the-line model. 
  • Cats may not like being confined in a small space and may become agitated or restless. 
  • It can be difficult to push a cat around, especially if the cat is heavy or if there are any obstacles in the way. 
  • The use of a stroller may prevent a cat from getting enough exercise, which is not good for its physical health.
  • A stroller can make it difficult for a cat to interact with its surroundings, leading to boredom and stress.
  • Cats may urinate or defecate in a stroller if they are not provided with enough litter box space.
  • Finally, it can be difficult to get a cat in and out of a stroller, especially if the cat is unwilling to cooperate.

How Long Should Your Cat Ride in a Stroller?

As a general rule, you should keep your cat in the stroller for no more than an hour at a time. This will help to prevent them from becoming too restless or agitated. If you plan on taking your cat for a longer walk, it’s best to break it up into shorter segments. This will help keep them comfortable and safe.


Enriching your cat’s life can be an easy way to bring them closer both emotionally and physically. Cats are part of the family, so it only makes sense that we would want our furry friends to be as happy as they can be. For some cats it’s the chance to explore as much as is safely possible; a cat stroller can provide this opportunity.

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