Best 25 Budget Christmas Gifts for Teachers

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Teachers work hard all year to ensure that your child receives the best education they can and loves their time at school. So, when Christmas comes around, it’s the perfect time for your child to show their gratitude to their favorite teacher by giving Sir or Miss a gift.

In this article, we bring you 25 fun gift ideas that won’t cost the earth and many of which you can make at home. A handmade gift always means so much more than something you bought in a store, and your child’s teacher will appreciate the extra effort you made.

Project #1: Teacher’s Emergency Stash

For a simple-to-make present that will certainly go down well with your child’s teacher, check out this emergency stash of energy-giving candy. All you need to create this gift is a plastic box, candy, a gift tag, and a pretty ribbon. This gift is super-easy to assemble and sure to be well-received!


Project #2: Potted Plant Teacher Gift

This cute and simple potted plant gift makes a great present for a busy teacher who doesn’t have time for advanced horticulture!

The succulent plant takes minimal care and attention to flourish and will look great in the classroom or on the teacher’s windowsill. When other Christmas gifts have been eaten or put away till next year, this beautiful pot plant will continue to give pleasure to your child’s teacher for the whole year.

How To Make A Cute Potted Plant Teacher Gift

Check it out here.

Project #3: Teacher’s Initial Picture Frame

This classroom-inspired framed gift can be displayed on the classroom wall or the teacher’s desk.

Although this framed piece of artwork looks impressive, it’s really simple and cheap to put together. All you need are some wax crayons, a picture frame, and a name card that you can make yourself.


Project #4: “Teachers Teach From the Heart” Picture Frame

For a more ambitious framed gift, you might like to create this “Teachers Teach from the Heart” Picture Frame. Again, this impressive present is not expensive to assemble but looks great on a classroom wall.

Older kids could have a go at making this gift with some help from you.

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Project #5: Rule and Letters Christmas Tree Decorations

Every teacher will love these schooldays-themed Christmas tree decorations! These cleverly-designed, rustic hanging ornaments with their wooden ruler and letters reflect the classroom but have just enough glitter and bling to celebrate the festive season too!


Project #6: Nacho Average Teacher Gift Basket

This DIY Nacho Basket gift is filled with chips, salsa, avocados, etc. and makes a fun thank you gift for teachers. Choose tasty festive treats to fill the basket or simply pick eatables that you know your child’s teacher is fond of.


Project #7: Easy Bath Bombs

There’s nothing more relaxing after a hard day’s teaching than a soak in a nice, warm bath. These bath bombs are made from a recipe that doesn’t use citric acid, but store cupboard ingredients instead.

These bath bombs are easy for kids to create and make a fabulous Christmas gift for a hardworking, deserving teacher.


Project #8: Smart Cookie Pot Holder

Everyone loves cookies! So, why not give your child’s favorite teacher this tempting, inexpensive gift of cookie mix that comes with a useful kitchen pot holder and plastic spatula?

This smart cookie pot holder makes the ideal gift for a teacher who loves to bake.

Project 9: Terracotta Candy Holder

This terracotta candy holder will look cool on the teacher’s desk.

The gift costs just $2 to make and can be filled with the teacher’s favorite festive candy treats. Finish off the present by adding a pencil to the mix.


Project 10: Herbal Tea Bag Christmas Tree Gift

If your child’s teacher enjoys drinking herbal teas, why not create this super-simple, useful DIY herbal tea bag Christmas tree as a gift?

All you need for this project is an empty kitchen towel roll, a selection of herbal tea bags, and a Christmas star. The teacher might like to display this gift on their desk or keep it in the staff room next to the kettle!


Project 11: Candy Cane Sleigh

Christmas time wouldn’t be complete without candy canes and sleigh rides. This candy cane sleigh combines both of these things to bring a precious cargo of delicious treats for your child’s teacher to enjoy.

An older child will enjoy getting creative to produce this very effective gift that can be used as a decoration until the temptation to devour it becomes too great!


Project 12: “Toe-tally Awesome Teacher Gift”

If your child’s favorite teacher is a lady, she’ll love this simple, useful beauty gift.

You can buy everything you need for this DIY pedicure set from your local drugstore for just a couple of dollars, and the gift can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Project 13: Big Heart Mason Jar Light

If you have a larger budget or you want to buy a gift for an exceptional teacher, you might like to consider this Mason jar light. You can have the light personalized for that special teacher who has shaped your child’s mind all school year.

The legend on the jar reads, “It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds.” And that’s certainly true of most teachers.

Project 14: Influence of a Good Teacher

All you need to create this gift are some clear glass baubles, a pack of multicolored erasers, some glass paint, and a fine brush. Add the legend, “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased” to the bauble in fancy script.

Fill the gift bauble with mini erasers and then replace its metal hanger and cap. Complete the gift by adding a pretty ribbon so that your child’s teacher can hang the bauble on their Christmas tree.

This is a project that can be attempted by older kids who have a steady hand and an aptitude from calligraphy.

Project 15: Cute Santa Cookie Jars

These super-cute Santa cookie jars are extremely easy to make and are very effective. All you’ll need are some small terracotta plant pots, red and white wool, black buttons, ribbon, and a packet of cookies.

The Santas look great on a desk, on a windowsill, or under the teacher’s Christmas tree.


Project 16: Hot Cocoa Christmas Mug Gift

When the weather is chilly, and the snow starts falling, everyone loves a mug of steaming hot cocoa with some marshmallows and candy to enjoy with it.

This hot cocoa Christmas mug gift contains everything your child’s favorite teacher will need for a yummy break time treat. For a luxury touch, add a can of spray cream.


Project 17: “Trying to Earn Brownie Points” Christmas Gift

The legend on this personalized oven mitt reads, “Trying to Earn Brownie Points.” As you’d expect, the festive oven mitt contains chocolate brownie mix and a handy spatula too.

What a perfect Christmas gift for a child’s favorite teacher who enjoys home baking!


Project 18: Amazing DIY Christmas Scrubs

Everyone loves a little well-earned pampering, and these DIY Christmas scrubs make the ideal gift for a lady teacher who has worked hard all year to make your child’s learning fun.

These sugar scrubs are very easy to make and will leave skin feeling silky smooth and looking radiant.


Project 19: Decorative Jolly Santa Dish

If you have a preschooler, they’ll love making this cute, decorative jolly Santa dish. The project is super-simple and cheap to make, but it is very effective. Your child’s teacher can use the dish to hold small items of jewelry or candy, and it will look great on a desk or at home on a festive table.


Project 20: Handprint Christmas Tree Napkins

These home-printed Christmas tree napkins make an unusual and useful gift for a preschool or kindergarten teacher.

All you need for this project is a set of plain linen or cotton napkins that you’ll find in any good home store, some fabric paints, and pretty ribbon or colored thread. Young kids can have a go at making the napkins with a little guidance from you.


Project 21: Personalized Snowman Mugs

All the teachers look forward to a hot drink at break time. Why not make a personalized snowman mug for your child’s favorite teacher for Christmas this year?

You can buy plain, white cocoa mugs at your local home store or market for a few dollars. You’ll also need some ceramic paint, a pack of marshmallows, and a steady hand or a stencil.

Project 22: Jingle Pringles Gift

When it comes to making teacher appreciation Christmas gifts, they don’t come much more straightforward and quick to put together than these jingle Pringles.

All you need to make this fun gift is a tube of Pringles, jingle bells, festive ribbon, and a gift tag that you can create and print, using your home computer.

Project 23: Fun Christmas Flip Over Pancake Gift Set

There’s nothing nicer on a cold day than a stack of hot pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. You can use that inspiration to create this simple gift that your child’s teacher will love.

Use the printable gift tag to personalize the pancake stack gift, especially for Sir or Miss, and add other ingredients of your choice to the basic collection. Finish the presentation off with some festive trimmings such as silk holly leaves or tinsel.


Project 24: Fruit and Nut Chocolate Buttons

If you enjoy cooking and baking, you might like to try making these fruit and nut chocolate buttons. Buy a pretty, seasonal box, line it with greaseproof paper, wrap with a green or red ribbon, and fill with rich chocolate buttons embellished with cranberries, pistachios, pecans, and raisins for an indulgent treat that your child’s teacher will love

These delicious festive nibbles are gluten-free and take just ten minutes to make.


Project 25: Reindeer Treat Bags

These super-cute Rudolf reindeer chocolate treat bags make the ideal Christmas gift for a teacher.

All you’ll need to assemble the gift bags are some chocolate buttons, some red strawberry sponge sweets, cellophane, and some wire fastenings to make the reindeer antlers. These fun candy reindeer look great as Christmas tree decorations or can be displayed in a pretty glass bowl.


Wrapping it up

We hope that you’ve seen a few ideas for teacher appreciation gifts in our list. Everything we’ve included is inexpensive to make, assemble, or buy and won’t cost you the earth at this expensive time of the year.

Most of these projects are so simple; even young kids can get involved. And teachers love to receive a gift that’s been handmade by one of their pupils!


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