Can You Jog With a Regular Stroller? An Avid Runners Guide

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Are you an avid runner looking for a way to start exercising with your newborn baby? Running with your baby in a stroller is a great option, but not all strollers are best designed for you to get your exercise in. Keep reading to learn about different stroller models and start running in no time.

can you jog with a regular stroller

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Can You Jog With A Regular Stroller?

If you currently own a regular stroller, the good news is that you can jog with it. Many people do this all the time, but there are several downsides associated with jogging with a regular stroller.

Regular strollers are not designed for running, so they will most likely be uncomfortable for your baby and difficult to push during your jog. In addition, elevations and rough terrain will make your jog much more difficult than it should be.

Jogging Stroller Benefits

A jogging stroller is a fantastic option for uneven roads, and rough terrain, and most of all it will make your workout more enjoyable! More benefits of a jogging stroller include:

  • Jogging strollers provide a safe way to keep your little one close and comfortable while you enjoy some fresh air.
  • If you encounter tough road conditions, a jogger stroller will help secure your baby so the bumps and cracks in the pavement won’t cause them to rock back-forth or forward. This can be very tiring on your baby’s little arms.
  • Jogging strollers are usually wider than typical wheeled baby carriers and come with bigger tires to move through rough terrain.
  • The most important features of your stroller are the breaking and safety features. A jogging stroller features a fixed front wheel for greater control and quick pivots.
  • Jogging strollers are heavier and more durable than regular strollers, providing you and your baby more stability.
  • Some jogging strollers have the extra benefit of being able to turn it 360 degrees.
  • The strollers are perfect for parents who want to get some fresh air and exercise while taking their kids on an adventure.

Final Thoughts

So, can you jog with a regular stroller? You absolutely can jog with a regular stroller but depending on the type of stroller you have, there may be some limitations. A jogging stroller provides several benefits and features that most regular strollers do not have. Do some research before making a purchase and happy jogging!

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